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What an amazing morning when you open the window or door. You can smell and feel the cool sea breeze. Nothing can be more divine than beautiful blue sea and unlimited sky making it look vast and endless space on earth.
Who will not love to gushing waters through his feet, playing with the sand and getting carried with the waves?

by Gurjeet Chhabra

Sibling love has a sweet and sour bond that grew more strong with time drift. I’m blessed with a huge gang of siblings, I’m not counting only my biological relationship but siblings from another mother too because I do not consider them just cousins. They are as precious as my real siblings. They make me laugh until jaws drop and my bellies explode, they bring out the hidden craziness in me, I connect to them like aliens connect to the world around in sci-fi movies. They are my support system of all times & the light of hope in my sad times. But most importantly, they are my soul partners, my life bearers, my partner in crime.

by Gurjeet Chhabra

Personal injury is a legal term where damage occurs by someone negligence and causing the suffering in the form of emotional, psychological or physical damage. Personal injury can occur anywhere and anytime. There so many cases of personal injuries like vehicle accidents, Medical malpractice,  include premises liability claims such as auto accident, medical malpractice, slip-and-falls, inadequate security claims, dog bite.

by Gurjeet Chhabra

Hii peeps,

I recently attended an informative blogger meet on 29th September 2018, organized by Dupont and Ebix and my weekend was so insightful, grabbed all knowledge about protein. I love to share what I have grabbed from there and share with you as sharing is caring I want my Friends to stay active, fit and healthy.

by Gurjeet Chhabra

Knowing about customer need, requirements and how satisfied customer is with your service is important to make the organization grow and work efficiently.
Customer success is the function of a company responsible for managing the relationship between a vendor and its customers. Customer and business go hand in hand. Customer success pours success to your organization so it is very important to make good relationship with customer and vendor.

by Gurjeet Chhabra

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