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You always want to secure your most precious thing in life. You always worried about the safety and security of your loved one whom you never want to lose or want to hurt. When kids at home, your half heart and mind is on kid safety and the half in your office work.  Things have got even more complex as children’s exposure to mobile phones and internet devices is on the rise but for kid safety, you do not have an option. The rising number of sexual abuse, violence cases among children adding fuel to the fire.
kids are kids fast pace technology make parents uncomfortable to hand over the phone to kids. The parent always looks for the latest gadgets designed specifically for kids where aiming to protect kids and help parents rest a little easier.

What more can we do to keep our kids safe?

The answer to this problem is Easyfone Star

I am against phone use for kids but this device is designed just for kid safety and parent can make boundary-setting because they have limited options. How? Easyfone Star has very simple controls, big buttons, and extremely limited features. Phones that only make calls to a list of contacts and that have no games, no Web access, and no camera are good choices.  It does not have access to an internet.

Know more about EasyFone Star
Stay connected

Parents will have peace of mind knowing they are always connected to their child with this. I call today generation gadget kids who seem to operate gadget from the womb. The Easyfone Star comes with 4 keys which can be personalised with pictures of family members whose numbers will be called most frequently so little one can hear or call the family member with its one little click.

Calls to & from selected people only

It allows users to call one of pre-configured numbers and only receive calls from selected numbers only. So no stranger is entertained on phone. You can configure 30 numbers on the phone.

Locate where  your child presence

Parents just need an Easyfone Star to stay connected 24/7. Parents can monitor the child’s location and surroundings through GPS.Features built-in GPS that lets parents track where their child is in real-time. Features an SOS button that enables live location tracking at any time. It sends a help message & calls 5 family members one by one and repeats calling for 3 times if the phone goes unanswered all sends GPS location with help message. It also  gives out a loud siren to alert people

Discreet Listening

I love this feature with this an authorised user listen discreetly to what is happening in the Child’s
surroundings. Working parents leave kids behind on hands of an attendant/maid to know what going on around kid surrounding this is the best way. You can hear what is going on there without any button pressed by the kid.

Auto Call Pick Up

If your baby is not able to pick the phone or make a call. You can use the auto call pick up feature by sending a command to the Easyfone Star from an authorised phone. Call again & the EasyfoneStar gets picked up automatically and activates the loudspeaker. Then your kid can respond to your voice.

Do Not Disturb

Kid safety easyfone star

There is  Do Not Disturb feature when the parent thinks, no phone should be picked or made during certain time zones like when it is kid sleeping time or study time then they can set “do not disturb”  during which the phone operates in silent mode.

Set reminders & schedules

When you are not there with your kid this phone act like you. Like set schedules for study time, play time, activities etc for following the schedule you like your kid to follow.

Cradle Charger

The Easyfone Star comes with a cradle charger so no more playing with wires or sockets. Safety is first what is EasyFone moto.

Easyfone Star is available in Five beautiful colours on Red, Green, Blue, Pink, white. Price of the phone is pocket-friendly that does not make a hole in your pocket just Rs 3490/-. The Chairman oF Easyfone is so kind enough that they have given discount offer too. If you willing to buy it then use my code Gurjeet250 on Easyfone site , you will avail the discount of Rs250/-. You can buy this phone from  Easyfone , Amazon,flipkart.

I am so impressed with Each and every product of Easyfone. You should check it out – all products are related to you and your loved one safety.

by Gurjeet Chhabra

Hi peeps,

God knows what is best for all. And so does the godlike figure “Mother” as far as her children are concerned. From the temperature of the milk to the fabric of clothes, from the nutrition of food to cleanliness of the child’s surrounding, you must agree she is the most loving and nurturing creature on this planet.

One thing mothers are most concerned about is the sanitation of her child. And why not she be? Bad sanitation does lead to infection, sores, and bruises which can be a painful experience for the child and most horrifying for his/her creator. Not only that an infant’s skin demand the ultimate softness as far as fabric is concerned. I personally in numerous cases have seen diapers and baby wipes doing the opposite of what they are meant to do. This happened to my own child I stopped trusting the statistics and facts and decided to check the quality of the fabric myself.

In my last post, I wrote on MotherSparsh wipes which are As Good As Cotton & Water. But again believe what you see, and I did put this product to the test. And well the conclusion was surprising. I call it the “Flame Test”.


  • Baby wipes
  • Candle
  • Matchstick


1. Light the Candle with help of matchstick
2. Take the wipes and dry a little so moisture of it dry and it becomes easy to burn it.
3. Take the wipes close to the flame and burn it.

Smell the Rat

With the burning of baby wipes, you come to know the truth of brands false promises. If it has the bad smell of plastic burning than it contains the wipes have a high percentage of ‘polyester’ in the fabric. That will cause harm to the baby sensitive skin.

Harsh on skin

If the baby wipes are burned and no bad smell of plastic. The smell is like paper or cotton burning then it means no polyester contain in wipes. Baby wipe is made of natural fabric. It is good to be used on baby delicate skin.

We all check ingredients on the back of the pack but isn’t it a good idea to check out with the test that is conducted at home, you do not have to go to any lab. Trust me this is simpler than making tea.

Burn The False Promises

Well, I experimented on 4 baby wipes out of which 3 left a hard residue after burning suggesting polyester presence. And finally Mothersparsh wipes, to my surprise it left no hard residue. It was as if it evaporated in thin air. It suggests only water and cotton content and absolutely 0 amount of polyester. After burning It turns into ashes that clearly state it is made of natural fiber.


It was mentioned on Mothers Sparsh pack it contains 98% water. what can be the purest form than Water a natural element of Earth?

Trust is a loser’s game. So don’t trust any advertisements, don’t trust the content, well I ask you don’t even trust me on this. This something you need to do it by yourself. I am happy my favorite Mother Sparsh has passed the Agni Pariksha and won my heart. It contains only natural fabric and water. Nothing can shake my belief now on Mother Sparsh which is As Good As Cotton & Water.



by Gurjeet Chhabra

Cold! We Are Not Afraid Of You Anymore..Easy Breathing

A very Beautiful Morning to all..

After a long wait, Monsoon has shown its glimpse but monsoon not only bring refreshing happiness but also bring diseases and so many problems with it. One of them is cold, nasal congestion to which I and my baby are very much allergic.

When my baby has sleepiness nights, I too can’t sleep thinking of all the night that how to get him relief. Because of congestion my baby can’t take a feed and sleep calmly. Continuous crying, when you not able to relief your baby, it becomes worst when you do not know how to calm him/ her.

That really makes you cry for help. I have faced such sleepless nights when my baby suffers from nasal congestion. Helpless mom doesn’t find a cure to soothe baby. Next morning without a delay, I went to the doctor and he prescribes “Nasivion Pediatric “. I was surprised and scared to put anything in my baby’s sensitive nose. So many questions striking my mind. But I was really not able to see my little one in pain that was breaking down for me. I can do anything to relieve my baby.  Then, at last, I have decided to go for what the doctor has suggested.

It’s not that I haven’t tried old techniques –

1. When you’ve got a cold, things can seem much worse when lying down, and this is the same for your baby. For her daytime naps, try and keep the head a slight upright with the help of pillow to help the mucus to drain: if you can, try and encourage your baby to sleep in his car seat or swing.
You can also try to slightly elevate his/her head when sleeping as this will make breathing easier. even I put a baby pillow and make him sleep on one side not straight so he can breathe easy.

2. Wrap the ajwain powder in a cloth, heat the cloth a bit on the pan and bring the cloth a bit close to the nose. While he/she breathes some of the smell will go inside. Make sure she does not inhale the powder. The power needs to be wrapped tightly in a cloth.

I miss his smile giggles when he suffers from cold, congestion and it was my worst nightmare when I am not able to feed him and he just cries from hunger and congestion. I am using Nasivion since he was three-month Nasivion Mini (Baby) Nose Drops – 0.01% Baby which are given in 0-1 yr. old age baby and when he turns 2 years old when I use Nasivion Pediatric (Child) Nose Drops –  0.025% Child which are given in 1year to 6 years of age for nasal blockage.  My savior has grown up with my son too and it always keeps my baby and me happy.


*Disclaimer – Consult your pediatrician before using the Nasivion and this post is just for educational purpose only not for any medical recommendation.

by Gurjeet Chhabra


Siblings are the best blessing of God. You never get short of a person/partner to tease,  play, care, fight, support and to see a strengthen bad times. At times sibling themselves feel like they are being cursed to have a sibling when some fighting become more of a stretch. They keep on finding the reason to blackmail on your secrets. Securing your things like a treasure from each other. Sneak peak what your sibling up to but we are miss these pros and cons once the shade of adulthood covers the head of us.

A very in-common joke adult (sibling) use to crack on the younger ones that ‘Parents bought/picked you up from a garbage bin as you were crying a lot there that your original parents left u due to your cranky behavior and that is why our mom and dad too don’t love u more’. These venerable phases of life will it with spices of life which we agree is the perfect mixture of happy life.

I too have two monster siblings in my family who keep on pulling my leg even after 10 years of my marriage and cheery on the cake are my two kids too. They don’t miss a single chance to tease me. I remember in my school days my brother never complete his homework and always make puppy face that he is going to get scolded by the teacher, then always convince me to feel pity and emotional force to complete his work. I use to make late night chit-chats on kitchen slab with my sister while making Maggie during our college days, crush and what not. I miss the old days.  She was my secret keeper and soul sharer. She brings out the hidden craziness in me which I always used to shade up due to the eldest of them and under my cover of sincerity, my younger was always full of craziness in life.

My brother is younger one amongst three siblings but he acts as an elder brother who guides, secure us.  Now he teases me with its long height.


The journey from My siblings to My kid’s Siblings Stories

These emotions of love I can see in my kids too. My daughter is 8 year whereas my son is just 2 year but their love, fight, care amazes me every time and recalled me of my time with my siblings.
 little one is so fond of his sister that he does not want to leave her for a second. He wants to do whatever her sister is doing. If she is sleeping he will go and lay on her, try to climb on her to wake up. If she is wearing a hairband, he wants to wear it too. Eating from her hand and plate is the daily course of his routine. In the morning he wakes up early than her and wakes her sister. He is on a schedule to go for dropping his sister to her school van and goes in school van along with her and does not want to come out. Most innocent and cute thing they both does is whenever a courier box come. My little champ sits inside and my daughter pushes it like cart all in the house.

I think having only one child make him/her more pampering but along with that, it will miss the concept of sharing whereas sharing and having other as the partner is the lovely concept which comes automatically in sibling affairs.


Here is my journey from my sibling to my kids (siblings) bond. What is your “Khaata meetha rishte” with your sibling? let’s have some comment fall-in let us cherish the most beautiful moments of our life.

This post is written as a part of Monsoon Carnival. Thank you to the hosts Sayeri from and Jhilmil from , for having this fun carnival!
I would like to thank Sinduja for introducing me and check out her blog The next post will be from Jhilmil who writes about parenting, holistic lifestyle & wellness. Do check her blog

by Gurjeet Chhabra

MOTHER SPARSH is the first choice of all Mom’s than other wipes

When I was expecting my baby, talking to him and feeling him within me was an every moment thing. During my last trimester, I was so curious to hold him. Even the painful labor became the happy moment as I was so curious to hold and cuddle him. And time flies so quickly, now my little love is 2 and I am enjoying motherhood a lot. My kid is the small world I live in and enjoy. From our first touch to now, the bond of love gets stronger every moment.

In today’s dynamic world, parenting isn’t easy anymore. The style of parenting has changed, and we want technology even in parenting ways we choose. We were raised in an entirely different. There is so much to learn and teach today. In old times having a baby was a cake walk as per our elders. In the last one decade, parenting changed from cloth nappies to diapers and from cotton and water to wet wipes. I have promised my child to give the best care and simply denied a compromise on it. So my search for the best product for my baby that’s always as soft as mothers touch to his sensitive skin.

Water forms 70% of our mother nature (earth) and owns an important place in sustained living. Agreed?? While I was struggling to find the perfect wet wipes for my baby, I found mother sparsh wipes the best, because it contains 98% water.

Mother Sparsh, 98% Water based Wipes is brilliant baby wipes and its free of parabens, alcohols and are pH balanced. The baby wipes are clinically proven to be safe for babies and even prevents rashes. Our babies create great mess always and I believe getting messy is an essential part of your child’s learning and developmental process and instead of getting annoyed, I always feel overwhelmed by their natural curiosity. Getting a bit messy can be a priceless learning experience for them, and a great bonding experience for both of you, if done the right way and with a clear set of guidelines.

Why worry of baby messy hands or face, when you have Mother Sparsh wet wipes. You are not supposed to run to bathrooms or wash basin to clean them every time. Sit back, relax and enjoy their messy play and their learning skills.

Why Mother Sparsh’s baby water-based wipes better than ordinary or normal wipes

1) Mother Sparsh wet wipes are enriched with water, Aloe Vera & Vitamin. Mother Sparsh water-based wipes are Parabens and Alcohol-Free Wet Wipes, which makes it completely safe for not only kids or babies but also for infants.

2) Mother Sparsh water-based wipes contain optimum moisture that glides smoothly on the skin of the soft and supple skin of babies without being harsh on their skin. That is not the case with other wipes that go harsh on the skin, even sometimes cause rashes.

Mother Sparsh

3) Mother Sparsh Baby Water based Wipes fabrics are made of viscose plant fiber which is also biodegradable. Pure cotton is the softest & safest on baby’s skin. It is thin and soft.

4) Mother Sparsh made this baby wet wipes completely polyester free baby wipes. Since Mother Sparsh Baby Water Wet Wipes are biodegradable that is why it is Eco-friendly.

Mother sparsh Eco FRiendly

5) Mother Sparsh Wipes are clinically proven to prevent diaper rashes too. So if you have a diaper baby, it’s the best way to keep them safe from diaper rashes and maintain hygiene as well.

Mother Sparsh: As Good as Cotton & Water: Water and cotton is the best way to clean our little one as said by our elders and I can say, Mother Sparsh wipes are as good as cotton and water. You can check out more about Mother Sparsh

Mother sparsh

Price & Availability

The wet wipes are available at leading shopping websites in different packaging. A pack of 80 wipes is available only at INR 175. Buy these wipes at Amazon


by Gurjeet Chhabra


We know that engaging children in their spare time is big task.  Most of parents introduce their kids to the digital world because children find it fancy to play with and goes more inclined to explore it as it do not involve any kind of physical activity. But we as parents skips to realize the bad effects of this fancy and it comes in front of all of us in a very short span of time too.
When children say we are bored, a new topic emerges in our mind that what we would suggest them to engage our kids in a very fruitful way.

I personally love to do craft & creative work but I hardly gets the time to do so. But I feels from my heart that it would be nice if my kids too can develop their interest in any such activity that will help them to explore the world of their own creativity. I too as mother hate when my daughter go crazy about watching that stupid Doremon and all.  Moreover sometimes I feel like that Doremon and shin-chan too are the part of my family. I simply do not want my kid to turn into that naughty minions that do not study and does not let other study either.

I find Flintobox as my savior here.

The theme of Flintobox for June for my 7 year girl was space and it included 4 activities that allowed my daughter to Explore, Create, Play and Read.

Activities in FlintoBox

1- Our Solar System- It is a solar system puzzles which my daughter is very good at. She was so surprise to know about all planets detail and how they look like. Now she keep on asking question from that puzzle that has “Did you know?” Quiz. We have a jolly time travelling through solar system.

           Our Solar System

2- Race To The Moon – Exciting game , assemble the puzzle then make a plan and strategies race to land on our natural satellite Moon. Who lands first wins . Three players can play at a time.

                      Race to The Moon

3-Mission Moon– Sensorial activity for your child to create a moonscape with rocket, astronaut, and stars!

              Mission Moon

4- Star Patterns–  Gazing at star look so fascinating but when child come to know how star pattern are form and which are they called. they are more excited to find the star pattern in night sky

5- Reading book– Got flinto story book caught my kid attendance main and she took up and read all the story at once. her best friend is Flinto now.

 Development Area 

 Motor skills
. Hold and play the Race to Moon
. Decorate the mission Moon scene by sprinkling moon mud and stardust
. Put the puzzle pieces together with ease
. Pierce to create star patterns

Creativity & imagination
. Making the mission moon scene- decorating it which mood dust,star
. Solving puzzles of games
. Imagination how the Moon ,space,planets and Solar system look like.
. Landing on moon , how Astronaut manage in space

Social skills 
. Play the sequencing game with their friends
. Talk about the Solar system. star patterns, planets, space

Logical Reasoning 
. Solving the simple puzzle about the solar system
. Try to win game with quick planning and strategies

Cognitive & concepts
. Knowing about solar system
. Who are Astronauts? Astronauts wear special suit when in space
. knowing about planets. Earth is not only planet and we have another planets with their features
. Star patterns ? Each constellation consist of a group of stars
. The moon revolves around The Earth

This is my fourth Flintobox . Every time it has different concept which are very interesting,unique and captivating and enhance knowledge.
My first box was light and shadow and second sports and third little musicians and fourth is Space. My daughter is crazy for Flintobox, whenever she get Flintobox she does not waste a minute and start doing the given activity.

You can also get this knowledgeable box at home from here and make learning a fun.

by Gurjeet Chhabra

Simple ways to Boost your Child Immunity – Go Natural

” Developing & Developed are the key words on which now parents has to understand to work upon.

The efforts to develop a child immunity can be fruitful more in Developing stage.  There’s a great opportunity to set the stage for improved health and resilience when the immune system is under development.

Further, the role of our life style and the quality of food we eat are the most important to work upon anyone’s immune system.”

Let ’em Get Dirty

Majority of ‘First Time Parents’ reacts over protective to their child and create a dome around them.  For them, I would guide that “Once a child has been exposed to dirt and germs, the immune system responds by trying to expel those bacteria from the body, which strengthens immunity.
Majority of antibacterial soaps, cleansers and gels contain the chemical triclosan, which some researchers suspect of contributing to development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Instead, use a natural antibacterial gel or make one, by combining witch hazel or alcohol, tea tree oil and lavender essential oil.


Laugh Out Loud (Dont feel shy to show your this aspect)

“You can give your kids the best food and nutrition, but if they have underlying sadness, their immune system will suffer,” remarks Sheppard. “When you’re happy and when you laugh, your brain releases chemicals that increase immunity.”
‘We should try to teach our kids like the way they want to.  The best worked out way is to make them feel that they have total control on their own body’

Focus on High-Quality Foods

Fruits and veggies have a wealth of protective phytochemicals that enhance immune cell function and protect against disease. In a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, kids that ate the most fruit had a 38 percent lower risk of cancer later in life. Berries, cherries, plums and pomegranates are among the most powerful immune-boosting fruits. For veggies, eat more dark leafy greens, tomatoes, carrots  vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower. Also emphasize whole grains and healthy fats such as those found in nuts, seeds and avocado, advises Fuhrman.

Sugar-laden calories depress the infection-fighting activity of white blood cells, says Dr. Alan R. Gaby, of Concord, New Hampshire, author of the textbook, Nutritional Medicine. Even natural sweeteners such as honey and juice have similar effects when consumed in excess, he says. Try healthy options like pomegranate and kiwi fruit salad; trail mix with raw almonds; dried cranberries and air-popped popcorn; and hummus with red pepper strips and baby carrots for dipping.

Pinpoint Allergies

“Whenever there is extra inflammation, the body has less available energy to keep the immune system functioning as well as it should,” says Dr. Fred Pescatore, a New York author of The Allergy & Asthma Cure. Food allergies and sensitivities can suppress the immune system by increasing inflammation in the body and call for consultation with a health specialist.“It’s like putting the wrong type of fuel in the car; it hinders your performance.”

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Explore Kids world



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Keep coming back, as me and my team will be writing on a interesting subjects throughout the month of June.

by Gurjeet Chhabra

Summer holidays are going on. Moms scratch their heads to find out how to keep their kids engage and how to best utilize time in the best way. Vacations spoil the whole routine of kids and parents too.  Even kids do not want to study either. Moms always try in search for activities that make kid happy and engaged.

Likewise others, I too tried to engage my kid. She love to do art and craft so I made her do what see like the most. Let’s began the list what we made.

1. Cute Dairy



My girl always see me writing diary and want diary for herself too. That bring me a thought to make a colourful dairy for her.

It simple need your help to cut the different colourful sheets in equal size and punch on side and bind it with thread . Let kid Decorate her personal dairy.

2. Towel Hanger



Tickling brain of mine always search for something new. Kitchen queen is up to use kitchen utilize. I have used tea strainer , cut from middle the strainer part. Wrap the whole strainer with wool. Make a pom pom with wool and decorate it . Our towel hanger is ready.

3. Card


We also made card on father’s day. Folding, decorating and writing .

4. Shadow Lamp


Lets fun began with plastic bottle. Cut in half and paste the angel sticker or any other inside the bottle. Cover it with little paper and decorate it outside too. Now darken your room and lit the candle. Inside see the magic.

5. Minion Pencil Stand

Take paper cup cover it with a sheet as shown in the figure and make eyes, specs, the smile of minion. Now your kid pencil stand is ready.


6. Flower Vase

Indulging in some other thing is necessary. I utilities the waste material for the activity. One old glass bottle, ice cream stick, tissue papers,colours.


7. Toran

Even you can make it for diwal guys . Old newspaper,CD,fevical, different color glitter.Make it as shown in the image.


8. Peacock from spoon

Peacock is so colourful bird and my daughter loves it so. We made peacock with a plastic spoon, ear bud, cardboard. You need a hot gun as well to stick them together.


9. Table TV

If your kids are learning table then this is the best D.I.Y for them. Learning table with fun way.
chart paper write time table it 10. Take a box cut the middle part carefully so the table can be visible. fix the cardboard rod inside and then paste the time table chart from one end and roll it and paste it on another cardboard rod. Cover the box. Make it beautiful with your creative idea.

Table TV

Lets roll it learn time table.

10. 3D Cube box and 3D Card

Children mesmerized with 3D . Let them show them how easy to make it 3D cube and card.


Just need colourful sheet, fevicol and your creative mind.


We also did the basic necessary thing that kid must learn like wrapping gift, Bookmark and covering copy. We also made Aeroplane with plastic bottle and paper. Don’t expect perfection from kids let it be fun learning.

What you have taught new to kids in this vacations? Is this helpful to you?


by Gurjeet Chhabra

Hello friends,

I remember whenever I demand money from my parents a dialogue comes “money does not grow on trees” that time I do not realize but when I started earning, that make me realize the value of money.

World is more about money. Our survival and desire,dreams depend on money in some or other ways.  Money is an essential part of life, and it’s never too early to teach your children its value  and the importance of saving.
It is important in early age children cultivate a respect for money.

I’ve found activities to help kids become familiar with the purpose and value of money. lets make the Concept of money little easier for kids

Five fun activities to teach kids about money

1. Introduce to piggy bank
Make it interesting gift your little one a cute piggy bank and explain what  child has to do with it .

Counting Coins
Have an introduction with coins and let them count by their own. Give kid pocket-money and make them save money in their new friend tummy who is hungry for money .Every month end or whenever you are convenient , chosen date, open the piggy banks and count the savings. Make a record, to encourage your children to save more.
First step of money introduction will teach your children the importance of  saving and counting money.

2. Money games
Junior Monopoly is a good fun game for kids aged 5 to 8. It’s opportunities for kids to learn about money, about giving change, about simple addition and subtraction

Hasbro Monopoly Electronic Banking Board Game,Game of Life,payday is good fun game for kid 8 to adult 40 that clear the concept of money in a fun way . You can buy at

3. Coin collection book
Coin album challenge kids to seek out both old and new coins to start their own collection and develop a lifelong love of coin collecting.
Introduce coins from small to big denominations. When they are familiar with coins use on daily basis coins  then  introduce to old coin and next step coin from other country as well that make them learn not only value of coins  but also can learn different country currency.

4.Familiarize them with the bank

Take your kids to the bank and open savings accounts in their names.
Having their own bank account will give your children a feeling of achievement which could even motivate them to save more.

5. let little shopper shop
piggy bank should not only remain for storing or saving money but let the kid purchase for themselve. Let them decide what they want ? How much that thing cost for ? Let them know what they have save and can they buy in that the particular thing they want. They will learn how to save ? Their unnecessary demand will finish.


lately my daughter collect money from Navratri puja and she was so excited. She keep on counting again and again. Then on another day I told her that we will calculate total money and save in her account . she was so excited. I have given her a task. Given her black board and ask her to count and separate 10,20,50,100 denominations . Write them on board how much total money you have.

In bank slip also we have to fill how much amount we are depositing . This become easy for me too.I have taken her to bank and show how money is deposited. she again flooded with question. she learn about saving and bank.
Her cutest thing she said from the saved money ,she will buy gift for his brother birthday. This also state how much she love his naughty brother too.

This will soon make them realize that money is not a piece of paper. It has lot more value they think.

Hope this will help you to make  your kids learn about money,saving.  Do let me know these tips really help you or you have more tips to share.

by Gurjeet Chhabra

If you are suffering from fever during pregnancy, do not be panic or worried. Consult your gynecologist and ask for the medication. The medication will help you in quick recovery. However, you should understand the possible causes of fever during pregnancy so that you can prevent yourself from its recurrence. 

Possible causes of Fever during Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, your body is more susceptible to infections as the immune system is weak during pregnancy. Hence, it is important to take proper care of your health while being pregnant.

Fever can be caused due to the following reasons:

  1. Common cold and cough– The common cold and cough is very obvious reason to lead you towards having fever. Therefore, refrain yourself from contagious environment, and keep a clean and tidy surroundings near you.


  1. Influenza– The symptoms of influenza are quite similar to that of common cold, still it is regarded as a warning sign for an expectant mother. To get yourself prevented from influenza, ask your doctor for a vaccination associated with Influenza. This is good for you as well as for your baby. In addition, take proper rest, drink plenty of fluids and wash your hands with an antiseptic hand wash or use sanitizer.


  1. Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)– Most of the pregnant women get infected from Urinary Tract Infections during their pregnancy. This occurs due to the bacterial or fungal infection in vagina. Therefore, prevent yourself from UTI by drinking plenty of water at a regular interval of time and follow the prescribed medication.


  1. Hyperthyroidism– Hyperthyroidism is a condition where the thyroid gland is producing excessive amount of thyroid hormones that circulates in the blood. Untreated hyperthyroidism can lead to many complications like high fever, sore throat, etc. Hyperthyroidism can be treated well by proper medication and healthy diet.


Is Fever harmful to your baby?

If you are caught up with a mild fever during the first trimester of pregnancy, then it is not much harmful to the baby. However, high fever is not good in any of the situation. The fetal development is majorly depending upon the protein of a mother’s body and high fever hinders the functioning of protein leading to the complications like miscarriage.


Therefore, always seek medical help if you are suffering from fever since last 24 to 36 hours or even if you are observing the symptoms of fever in yourself, as self-experiment is not all recommended during this sensitive stage of life.

Lastly, even if you are planning how to get pregnant, it is important to take prevention’s from any possible infections that can lead to fever. Remember, a healthy body gives birth to a healthy baby.

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