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Cold! We Are Not Afraid Of You Anymore..Easy Breathing

A very Beautiful Morning to all..

After a long wait, Monsoon has shown its glimpse but monsoon not only bring refreshing happiness but also bring diseases and so many problems with it. One of them is cold, nasal congestion to which I and my baby are very much allergic.

When my baby has sleepiness nights, I too can’t sleep thinking of all the night that how to get him relief. Because of congestion my baby can’t take a feed and sleep calmly. Continuous crying, when you not able to relief your baby, it becomes worst when you do not know how to calm him/ her.

That really makes you cry for help. I have faced such sleepless nights when my baby suffers from nasal congestion. Helpless mom doesn’t find a cure to soothe baby. Next morning without a delay, I went to the doctor and he prescribes “Nasivion Pediatric “. I was surprised and scared to put anything in my baby’s sensitive nose. So many questions striking my mind. But I was really not able to see my little one in pain that was breaking down for me. I can do anything to relieve my baby.  Then, at last, I have decided to go for what the doctor has suggested.

It’s not that I haven’t tried old techniques –

1. When you’ve got a cold, things can seem much worse when lying down, and this is the same for your baby. For her daytime naps, try and keep the head a slight upright with the help of pillow to help the mucus to drain: if you can, try and encourage your baby to sleep in his car seat or swing.
You can also try to slightly elevate his/her head when sleeping as this will make breathing easier. even I put a baby pillow and make him sleep on one side not straight so he can breathe easy.

2. Wrap the ajwain powder in a cloth, heat the cloth a bit on the pan and bring the cloth a bit close to the nose. While he/she breathes some of the smell will go inside. Make sure she does not inhale the powder. The power needs to be wrapped tightly in a cloth.

I miss his smile giggles when he suffers from cold, congestion and it was my worst nightmare when I am not able to feed him and he just cries from hunger and congestion. I am using Nasivion since he was three-month Nasivion Mini (Baby) Nose Drops – 0.01% Baby which are given in 0-1 yr. old age baby and when he turns 2 years old when I use Nasivion Pediatric (Child) Nose Drops –  0.025% Child which are given in 1year to 6 years of age for nasal blockage.  My savior has grown up with my son too and it always keeps my baby and me happy.


*Disclaimer – Consult your pediatrician before using the Nasivion and this post is just for educational purpose only not for any medical recommendation.

by Gurjeet Chhabra


We know that engaging children in their spare time are a big task.  Most of the parents introduce their kids to the digital world because children find it fancy to play with and goes more inclined to explore it as it does not involve any kind of physical activity. But we as parents skip to realize the bad effects of this fancy and it comes in front of all of us in a very short span of time too.
When children say we are bored, a new topic emerges in our mind that what we would suggest them to engage our kids in a very fruitful way.

by Gurjeet Chhabra

Simple ways to Boost your Child Immunity – Go Natural

” Developing & Developed are the keywords on which now parents have to understand to work upon.

The efforts to develop a child immunity can be fruitful more in Developing stage.  There’s a great opportunity to set the stage for improved health and resilience when the immune system is under development.

by Gurjeet Chhabra

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