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Double the Fun of Christmas with D.I.Y Decoration Ideas

Hello, friends!  Christmas is just around the corner and the excitement reaches the sky. Who is not feeling festive in back to back festivals? I know everyone is so excited about the wonderful eve that comes once in a year.

You’ve been seeing Christmas decor all over the social media. People are posting a picture of them with decorating trees.  And, I feel……….we are little behind from everyone. But, don’t worry! It’s not too late. Purchasing decor items from the store can be easy but, it will give extra burden to your pocket. Well, why not to try D.I.Y then? Making things by our own can double the fun of your festival as well as handmade things are full with love and feeling which you can also gift them to your loved ones.

Today, I am sharing some super-duper D.I.Y (do it yourself) Christmas decor ideas from the material available at your home so that you can also make your pocket happy in the gala time.

Well, I know you must be wondering about those things which can help you to make tiny Christmas decorative things. So, bulb, chocolates, paper cups, paper and many more you can use to make our own festive décor. Let’s see what I have created using these and how:

Christmas Wall Hanging

Let spread some Christmas vibes in a home with Christmas Wall hanging.


1. Take a green glace paper. place a straw that makes it easy to roll it in a diagonal way as shown in the picture.
Christmas wall hanging
2. Apply glue in the end and make three stick like it.
3. Join the three corner to make a triangle.

4. Decorate it with golden ribbon rounding all the triangle frame.

5. Now we are going to make Santa. Take a red paper make a cone of it and staple it.

6. Now make two circles of 4 cm and 3cm pink circle

7. Turn the one white circle in half as shown in the picture and Now paste half folded circle on pink circle to make Santa face.
8. Then cut another white circle and paste on the pink circle

9. Cut long red strip and two square white shape paper and paste it on red strip to make Santa hands. Then paste the red strips on back side of Santa face and now place it on cone shape that makes Santa body as shown in the picture.

10. Draw eyes, mouth, and button of Santa
11. Now take 2 paper cups and paste any gifting paper or any decorative paper.Make a hole in cup paper and tie up with a triangle frame on both corners
12. Cut out a star and tie it with ribbon between two cups in triangle frame
13. Tie Santa on top triangle frame and ribbon that hold the triangle frame.
Christmas wall hanging

Light The Cup

Christmas decoration is incomplete without some lighting. Let’s make some unusual light that looks like a bell but it lights up your tree.


1. Take as many paper cups you want.
2. Apply glue on outer part of the paper cup and dazzle some glitters. Tap it so extra glitter is removed.
Christmas Light
You can also use any decorative paper to cover the paper cups.
3. On the bottom of the cup make a small hole.
4. Pass the little light bulb as shown in the picture. If your hole is big or light is not fixing in hole use tape to fix it.
5. You can decorate it more as per your wish.
Here us blinging beauty all set for Christmas.

Sweetness To Decore

You know Sweets can be act like decoration item which you can eat it and decorate it .


1. Take chocolate mould whichever you like but better to take deep shape mould.
2. Melt chocolate in microwave or with double boiler method.
3. I have used two chocolates white and black just to add color to my decor. Pour half white chocolate in the mould.
4. Cut short a ribbon and place in u shape that is half is outside the mould and half inside as shown in the picture.
christmas chocolate decoration
5. Pour dark chocolate in rest of half-filled moulds.
6. Rest it for half an hour and take out from mould
Tadddaaa… You’re sweet  decore is ready to please everyone. Even this chocolate box is made up of chocolate.

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Reuse Bulb

Lets make fuse bulb in use of decoration that will add charm to your tree.


1. Take old fuse bulb
2. Apply glue on it
3. Sprinkle glitter on it. Cover it with glitter
christmas decoration item
4. On top tie ribbon or decorate it as you like
5. Ready to decorate

Lets play with Paper –

Show magic of your hand and paper. We can lot many things with paper. lets make some decorating items with papers.

Christmas Star


1.Place the paper pattern side down. Fold it in half across one diagonal, then the other. Open it flat.

2. Flip the paper over and fold the paper in half in one direction, then in the other. Open the paper flat.

3. Along the folds you made in step 2, make 2 1/2-inch cuts (or almost halfway to the center of the paper).

4. For each point, fold in the sides to meet the diagonal fold line, as shown.
Christmas paper star
5. Apply the glue stick on one of the triangular flaps and press the matching flap on top so that it lines up with the bottom. Repeat for each point.
Christmas paper star
6. Repeat the steps to make a second paper star. Tie a knot at the end of a length of string and place it inside a corner of one of the stars, as shown. Use a drop of tacky glue to secure it. Hold one star against the other to see where the two touch, then apply dabs of tacky glue to those spots. Press the stars together and let the glue dry before hanging the star.

3D Star


1. Cut out 6 star shape with any colourful paper
2. Fold them half  as shown in picture
Christmas 3D Star
3. Now start pasting them one by one  as show in  picture
Christmas 3D star
4. In the apply glue on the ribbon to the star so it become easy to hang them.
your 3d star is ready
Christmas 3D Star

Christmas Ball


1. We require 24 circles in total. But first We will take 6 circle for each flower pattern.
2. This is the trickiest part so I made a video that help you to understand how to fold it.
4.Paste the three edges and repeat it with other 6 circle also.
5. Now join all together to for a flower
6. This way we will make three more flowers
7. Now adjust them and glue it all together to make a ball. Stick ribbon in ball so easily you can hang.

So, have you liked these Christmas decor? Don’t forget to comment and have a happy making! Merry Christmas!

20 thoughts on “Double the Fun of Christmas with D.I.Y Decoration Ideas

  1. The DIY Santa idea is really nice. I always look forward for such amazing ideas for my kids DIY Crafts always . This is something that is unique and will definitely try it.

  2. These ideas are really cute and interesting. I have already decorated my Christmas tree for this season, but I will keep these in mind for next year. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Omg wow, I’m absolutely in love with the all the decor ideas for Christmas. They are so simple to do and yet loook damn beautiful. I am gonna try it out with my nephew.

  4. These are some really lovely DIY activities to keep the kids busy this Christmas Holidays. I really like the wall hanging with Santa on it. Definitely going to try this.

  5. The wall hangings edible ones,the Santa and the star are great.They made me excited to do my own Christmasy diy.Love how creative you are

  6. These are such cute and wonderful son would definitely love to make this at home..he loves Christmas decorations

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