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Creativity D.I.Y for kids

Its being big challenge for every mom to engage their child. I always prefer my kids to do some art and craft work so that their imagination and creativity get wings. This give a new way of imagination. Give a way to think different and their interest is created with it.
I am always fond Of art and craft work and still do a lot. Now lets make our kid busy with it. Before that we need ours tool be ready and too be sharped just kidding …

I am the person who loves to try everything creative up in market material, products and brands. My most favorite craft partner is Faber-castell. Easy to use, great grip and reasonable in price.

lets make some craft with my little craft master

Fabric painting
lets give old boring cloth to a new look. why not give a chance to kids to explore what can they do with their rainbow colors and imagination. Take old cloth and put paper or newspaper into t-shirt so that the paint do not get printed on back side also. You can use stencils for design or stamps and paint it with fabric colours.  I have use spray painting as technique on cloth , you can also try dot painting or thread painting technique.

Here I have used a greeting card which has pattern and  in gaps we filled our colour collage maker_fkqdr3165876081..jpg

Here we have use spray painting as technique use,stencil and dip the old tooth brush in colours and spray it where we want colour in T-shirt.

pebble painting
How creative  you can get with simple pebbles which are on our footstep all the times on road,park and beaches. Creativity has no limit . It can turn a stone into master pieces.
let turn your little one a Picasso  . Give your child pebbles and ask them to make base and on pebble draw with pencil what he/she like. Then let them play with colours and imagination.
you can also showcase how to do it or let them your assistant then next pebble they really going to try.



stick painting
children eat icecream a lot as that is there favourite treat. then why to through stick of it . lets make show some creativity on it. wash the stick and dry it. Colour it for base and make whatever you like my kid make butterfly and dancing colour. My doll pasted cupcake cover as her doll skirt.



Bottle painting
I have lots of bottles which I tend to throw but one day I though of making a beautiful vase. then come one more idea to make my little one to decorate it. use the water colour make a base of it. I made my little one thumb to do wonder magic on glass she made flower with thumb impression.

son second glass jar she painted colour and made a cute kitty.


third cut pet plastic bottle into half to make minions. colour it in yellow and use old jeans as it clothes.

video collage maker_jt9q8m792200721..jpg

Paper puppets

paper puppets are most favourite creativity children love to do. love to make and play. we made lots of paper puppet


We enjoyed making things together that also great strong bonding between us. Mom’s and dad’s encourage your little one to show his creative .


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