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Day Dreamer on Blind Date with The World

Dating always reminds me of my old days when the sky seems pink and the world seems like a flower bed. Nothing is in my mind just the person I love, feeling of oneness. After being together, My world becomes my family nothing else.

But In my heart, a desire always existed to see the world with these tiny eyes. Life is too short and I feel we should live life at its fullest. One breathe extra will not be granted so why not to utilize the time and fly with time to explore the world. I told my love, I am planning for a blind date with the world, he laughed and said is it not enough that you are with me still you want to explore the world.

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But the thought of a blind date with world can’t get off my mind. I was building a castle in the air, where I am Exploring the world around us through Lufthansa flight which is prominently known for its hospitality & comfort. When I was seated in the plane, I have a feeling of relief and my eyes are sparkling with the beautiful window seat view. From the night sky, it seems like treasure chest is opened and all the pearl and jewel have scattered on the ground.


Sea Secret

I landed one of the most adventurous places which I always wished to be there. Exploring nature is a meditation in itself. The feeling of power that you experience rejuvenates your inner self again.
To experience the height and depth of the earth, I went for Scuba-diving in Phuket, Khao Lak, and Koh Tao. I was mesmerized with the beauty of nature hidden in the treasure of the Earth. So colourful , unrivaled underworld with the novel creature, I haven’t amazed the underworld can be so brainstorming.

scuba diving
High In the Sky

Clear skies promise an action-packed day ahead and the Amaze is all set to get some more miles under the belt.
Next, I want to measure the limitless sky by Skydive in Pattaya and Kite Boarding in Hua Hin and Phuket, which I want to do from the millennium. I can hear my heart throbbing so fast but my mind is steamed up to experience to be like a free bird in the blue sky.
sky diving

Preach Beach

Whole life I dreamt of having a date on the beach and my date can’t be complete without being in the Shimmering white sand and warm enveloping waters. In Grace Bay at Providenciales love to feel the breeze on my face and gushing waters through my feet, playing with the golden sand and getting carried with the waves. I can stare endlessly at the point where water meets the sky. The color of the water makes your heart leap.


Icy world

I felt chilled to the bone and I am shivering badly, when I look around I am in the white world of Snow in Aomori City. There’s nothing as serene as seeing the countryside covered in a fresh sheet of snow. My fantasy world has taken a new turn, I completely forget about the cold and I marvel at the quiet beauty of a snow-covered porch was a magical sight. Wondering around the purest colour and crystal clear snow. A mom has turn out to be a kid after looking at snow, I start making a snowman and throw snow towards people.
snow world

Suddenly, I felt a snowball hit my face but I realized it was not a snow but my son ball which he threw on me and a sound bring me back to my reality, my maid standing in front of me and informed me that she will be on leave tomorrow. I was shocked and surprised to figure out what happen just now. I just smiled and get back to the kitchen, I realized that I will have only eye-opener date with my kitchen.

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24 thoughts on “Day Dreamer on Blind Date with The World

  1. This blind date idea is a good one by Lufthansa. All these places are lovely to explore and visit. Going to try one of these trips as suggested by you

  2. Thisbis such an interesting theme #blinddate. I have never been to any unplanned journey yet but would love to see the world , specially unexplored destinations without proper planning. It might change my perspective too.

  3. I’m also a day dreamer. It would be amazing to go on a blind date and explore a new world with Luftansa airlines. I have not had an experience of Luftansa airlines either.

  4. No doubt blind list is more intriguing than bucket list as we don’t know about the destination. I must say a blind date rejuvenate you as a person. Looks like you have enjoyed a lot on your trips.

  5. This one is an amazing post. Every word that I read, made me feel like I’m not just reading but also actually feeling every bit of it. Well expressed. Hats off

  6. Amazing and beautiful post. Lufthansa is best for the travel. It is also known for the comfort flights. It is mesmerizing to view the beauty of the treasure of the Earth. Great thoughts.

  7. Lufthansa has been one of the good carriers since long time. I have personally taken the flight couple of times. Love the concept behind #TheBlindList. To me even the list of place you mentioned also can be part of my list as I haven’t been there. Nice pictures from the places you visited.

  8. The places you mentioned in you blog are amazing. Nicely put in the words as well. I am going to bookmark and plan a trip to these places. Love the initiative by Lufthansa to come up with the idea of #TheBlindList

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