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Eco-friendly Diwali with D.I.Y Decoration

Hey peeps.
All set for Diwali celebration?  After finishing the house cleaning chaos, it’s now the time to decorate the house. Every year on Diwali when I clean up my house, so many waste materials are collected to thrown it away.

But My D.I.Y mind always runs for new creativity from the waste item. My hubby says it is very difficult to throw anything in front of you because you never let it go.
Let me share what you can make it from best out of the waste item for Diwali decoration, believe me, no one believes you if you gonna tell them that you made it out of the waste material.

Last year I made toran out of waste. I have used Cd which no longer we used after upgrade version of the storage device, now using pen drive and hard disk. This festive season put on your creative caps; dig out the art and craft accessories and carve the toran of your dreams.

D.I.Y Toran

Decorate your home/doors during the festive season and bring good luck to your home with this auspicious and elegant door hanging/Toran. Make a toran that reflects your personality and the beauty of your home.


1. Take newspaper and start folding like a long pipe. Paste the end of the newspaper so it does not open and press it gently
d.i.y diwali
2. I have made a small triangle out of thermacol that give support to my newspaper and form a triangle.

3. Wrap the newspaper pipes around the thermacol triangle. Paste the end of newspaper and very slowly take out thermacol triangle.

d.i.y diwali
4. Now color the newspaper triangle with watercolors and let them dry.
d.i.y diwali
5. In a plate spread glitters and apply glue on the front face of the triangle and dab it in glitter plate. You will have glittery triangles. Same way makes it different glittery sparkling colorful triangles.

6. Place the triangle on CD. Cut out the shape of a triangle and paste it on back of the triangles.
diwali d.i.y
7. I have made a set of six as I am going to make a flower pattern. You can make any design as you wish.
Diwali d.i.y
8. Then I assemble them and made a design of flower pasting on a long ribbon.
D.i.Y Toran
9. I have added some thread of beads to make it more attractive and beautiful

d.i.y toran

Diwali is a festival of lights so how can we forget to lighten our house with D.I.Y of lamps and lantern.

D.I.Y Lantern

DIY ideas for ‘best out of waste’. Next time, you will probably think twice before you are about to throw a paper cup away. It comprises 12 faces of pentagons. In this case, they are the rims of paper cups that are shaped by you through cutting and folding.

D.i.y lantern


1. Measure the Circumstance of the cup below the rim.
2. My cup measures 26cm. Divide the cup by 5cm. An interval of 5.2cm will be marked(26/5=5.2).
3. First, mark the starting point. Next, mark 5.2cm and repeat 3 times again.
4.  For each mark, draw a 1cm vertical line.
5. Cut the 1cm markings
6. Make a crease of each interval. Reinforce all the creases by pressing them firmly.
7. The cup rim should be shaped into a pentagon.

d.i.y lantern
8. Make 12 of them
9. Began to assemble with two cups.
10. Match one side of each cup as precise as possible.
11. Apply glue to the cup you are assembling. stick the side together.
12. Include the next cup. Match the side with previous cups and paste it. perform the same with another match.
13. Continue to add on one cup to another and stick sides together.
14. Before the last cup, including the low energy bulb or LED lights.
15. Finally, Include the last cup with glue or sticky tape.



D.I.Y Lamps (Diya)

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19 thoughts on “Eco-friendly Diwali with D.I.Y Decoration

  1. I am surely gonna try these Diys for making an eco friendly diwali. Infact I will make my son do it once he is better from fever. He will love to make these DIYs

  2. Very talented you are. Love the Toran, Diyas and especially lantern. These are so easy to made and add glamour to home decor.

  3. The DIY for the lantern and the lamp looks so good. I must say I am inspired by the ease and quickness of making it. will surely try them thanks for sharing

  4. Woww these are superb DIY projects and I can involve my son to keep him busy and enjoy the festival even more. Thanks for sharing hun. I’m going to try atleast one of these tomorrow.

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