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MOTHER SPARSH is the first choice of all Mom’s than other wipes

MOTHER SPARSH is the first choice of all Mom’s than other wipes

When I was expecting my baby, talking to him and feeling him within me was an every moment thing. During my last trimester, I was so curious to hold him. Even the painful labor became the happy moment as I was so curious to hold and cuddle him. And time flies so quickly, now my little love is 2 and I am enjoying motherhood a lot. My kid is the small world I live in and enjoy. From our first touch to now, the bond of love gets stronger every moment.

In today’s dynamic world, parenting isn’t easy anymore. The style of parenting has changed, and we want technology even in parenting ways we choose. We were raised in an entirely different. There is so much to learn and teach today. In old times having a baby was a cake walk as per our elders. In the last one decade, parenting changed from cloth nappies to diapers and from cotton and water to wet wipes. I have promised my child to give the best care and simply denied a compromise on it. So my search for the best product for my baby that’s always as soft as mothers touch to his sensitive skin.

Water forms 70% of our mother nature (earth) and owns an important place in sustained living. Agreed?? While I was struggling to find the perfect wet wipes for my baby, I found mother sparsh wipes the best, because it contains 98% water.

Mother Sparsh, 98% Water based Wipes is brilliant baby wipes and its free of parabens, alcohols and are pH balanced. The baby wipes are clinically proven to be safe for babies and even prevents rashes. Our babies create great mess always and I believe getting messy is an essential part of your child’s learning and developmental process and instead of getting annoyed, I always feel overwhelmed by their natural curiosity. Getting a bit messy can be a priceless learning experience for them, and a great bonding experience for both of you, if done the right way and with a clear set of guidelines.

Why worry of baby messy hands or face, when you have Mother Sparsh wet wipes. You are not supposed to run to bathrooms or wash basin to clean them every time. Sit back, relax and enjoy their messy play and their learning skills.

Why Mother Sparsh’s baby water-based wipes better than ordinary or normal wipes

1) Mother Sparsh wet wipes are enriched with water, Aloe Vera & Vitamin. Mother Sparsh water-based wipes are Parabens and Alcohol-Free Wet Wipes, which makes it completely safe for not only kids or babies but also for infants.

2) Mother Sparsh water-based wipes contain optimum moisture that glides smoothly on the skin of the soft and supple skin of babies without being harsh on their skin. That is not the case with other wipes that go harsh on the skin, even sometimes cause rashes.

Mother Sparsh

3) Mother Sparsh Baby Water based Wipes fabrics are made of viscose plant fiber which is also biodegradable. Pure cotton is the softest & safest on baby’s skin. It is thin and soft.

4) Mother Sparsh made this baby wet wipes completely polyester free baby wipes. Since Mother Sparsh Baby Water Wet Wipes are biodegradable that is why it is Eco-friendly.

Mother sparsh Eco FRiendly

5) Mother Sparsh Wipes are clinically proven to prevent diaper rashes too. So if you have a diaper baby, it’s the best way to keep them safe from diaper rashes and maintain hygiene as well.

Mother Sparsh: As Good as Cotton & Water: Water and cotton is the best way to clean our little one as said by our elders and I can say, Mother Sparsh wipes are as good as cotton and water. You can check out more about Mother Sparsh

Mother sparsh

Price & Availability

The wet wipes are available at leading shopping websites in different packaging. A pack of 80 wipes is available only at INR 175. Buy these wipes at Amazon


29 thoughts on “MOTHER SPARSH is the first choice of all Mom’s than other wipes

  1. Mother Sparsh is a really good brand and their wipes are rash free ! Which is why I have recommended it to a lot of moms !

  2. Looks like a great product. It just takes out the worry from the mix when you know that the wipes are water based, hence totally safe for the kids.

  3. Amazing Mother Sparsh baby wipes. Mother Sparsh is the trusted brand and quite affordable. Mother Sparsh water wipes are best for soft and delicate skin of kids. Great thoughts.

  4. Water based wipes sounds so good. With no risk of allergy to kids skin this looks like a great product. This brand has some great reviews. I would love to check it out.

  5. I use these wipes for my son. The wipes are very soft on his skin and cleanse perfectly. Also they are not adding to the plastic waste. Great product

  6. Mother Sparsh is the best choice always and every mom should use this for their baby. I have used it personally and the experience is just wow!!

  7. Mother sparsh wipes are good not just for babies but also for kids and moms.. they are water based wipes and prevent all rash and irritation!

  8. I love that mother sparsh wipes are made from 99 percent water and are very gentle and kind to baby’s skin. Well not only just for babies but for anyone including adults with sensitive skin. Thanks for sharing xx

  9. I really like the brand’s approach. It is a good product and has no harsh chemicals for the sensitive area. I am sure brand will bring more such good products in market soon.

  10. Even I agree, from my personal experience I have found it to be really true as well. Biodegradable and easy on baby’s skin, what more do I need.

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