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With 47’C Sun is showing its real hotness here, only something cool can give some relief to soul. I think ice cream is best thing we can think of to beat the heat. I think no one in the world hate Ice cream.

Let’s scream for Icecream. What about ice cream in the house. I bring out some ice cream recipes for you guys. Let’s chill and make it.

                                  Mango and Rose Duet


1 cups mango puree
1/3 cup sugar
1cup water
½ cup heavy whipped cream
Rose syrup (roohafza)
popsicle molds


1. Cook 1/3 cup sugar and 1cup water in a sauce pan on medium heat stirring and simmer on low heat without a lid, for 12-15 minutes til it become ½ cup

2.Carefully pour the sugar mixture into a cup. It should measure ½ cup (if you have too much liquid,cook it for a bit longer,if you have too litter add enough water to make ½ cup)
3.whisk mango puree with the 3tbsp of cooled sugar syrup

4.put cream into a bowl. Add 3 tbsp of rose syrup (roohafza) and remaining sugar syrup mixture to the cream.

5.keep the remaining mango mixture in another bowl
6.pour the rose cream mixture into molds, filling them upto ¾ part of the mold. Freeze them for 2 hours or until the pops set partially.

7.pour the other mango mix into the molds on top to fill,return the pops to the freezer overnight so they are frozen solids


Another recipe is party perfect. so tempting and blast of three flavours  chocolate,strawberry and vanilla in mouth at a time.

                               Strawberry Brownie Sundae


1 cupVanilla Ice cream

Strawberry syrup (shared recipe before)

Chocolate brownie (loook re before)


1.In a serve glass add brownie as base (you can check out my brownie recipe in previous post)

2.Then pour ice cream

3. Top it with strawberry syrup and chocolate syrup (you can find strawberry recipe in previous post)

It’s look so tempting and no one can judge you have made it at home


I call my mom super chef , next innovative party serving ice cream recipe is from my mom

                                  Fruity Delight Icecream


Chopped fruits(mango ,kiwi)

1 cup vanilla ice cream
1 tbsp khus syrup
1 tbsp Roohafza


1.Take one glass pour kiwi syrup
2.Add chopped fruits
3. After fruit layer add scoop of vanilla ice cream
4. Top it up with Roohfaza
Ready to serve the

Now whenever you go to any ice cream parlor, the thought to make them at home will not make you stunned anymore.

You scream and I scream.and all scream for ice cream.

Let’s start the Hot party with cool ice cream, cheers to summers guys.

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