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Today I am going to introduce you to a new world by telling you the importance of reading. A book is a dream that you hold in your hands. Whenever you read a good book, it will either increase your knowledge imaginary power.

I began reading extra books when I was in the second grade. I use to get fascinated with the pictures and the words forming beautiful stories. I was in habit to collect the books to read them. Actually I must admit that the habit of reading is  my mom’s gift. When mom use to go to market and she ask me to stay home and then the only bribe i ask for is the story book  & she bring for me everytime. Slowly and steady family members started calling me a certified book addict.

During vacations,my goal was to read as many as book as possible. Every year I raised my goals and I feel in love with this hobby that I had developed.

You all should know that a book is a device that ignites concentration, Understanding, speaking , vocabulary, imagination and learning. It’d  be as if your brain has been upgraded. Wait, I have one liner perfect for this occasion-“Turn Off the TV and read a book. It’s called thinking outside a box”

I want to pass this habit of reading to my kids as well.

Introducing books to my kids

I have two kids and both are different in nature and interest. When my daughter was  2 year old, I introduce her to some books which were touch and feel book and first library actually a set a of mini 10 books which has  picture and words.
I always ask her to choose the book and most likely she handover me a animal book where there are animals, I use to name each animal and make sound of animal. She love the sound and want me to repeat the same. She soon learned recognizing  animals and their sound . Then we start doing rhyming. My daughter has very good catchy power  . Now a days she is fascinated with princess stories like Cinderella , Rapunzel story and princess and the pea   and after reading them she want to act a drama on them. I never stop my princess and participate too in her imagination .

Now she turn 7 years and she has  lot of stories books to read, encyclopedia to explore new world. She love reading and she keep on adding new book to her book treasure.

Story of My young babies
My son has very small attention span we have to make the reading sessions very dramatic with lots of voice modulations, different voices and actions to make the story come alive and grab his attention for a longer period. we talk and read to him in both English and Hindi so that he gets acquainted with both the languages.


Tips on Reading to your Baby

1. Let them choose book they want to be read , it may the book was read thousand times . its matter of their interest and liking
2. No more distraction business going around no TV,radio or mobile . its your and baby time while reading
3.Relate the story or words with real life example dog,fish,bird,bus. Talk about it that make them understand better the word and its meaning
4.Never give up your patience, we have to be calm. patience what we need more with babies and toddler as they are most distraction and cant do anything in long time span
5.Make sound and in act like story that grab their action and make the story interesting for them
6. Read the book slowly that make babies focus on the story or book

Book reading has bring so many benefit 
We often are also snuggling, and laughing and interacting in ways that we wouldn’t be otherwise. We have shared experiences and memories that are enjoyable. They have learned so many different concepts in a fun way. Each session of reading helps them pick one or two new words, gives a boost to their creativity and imagination

Please do share  your views on the post and Is it help to you in any ways?

by Gurjeet Chhabra

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