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If you are a sports fan and know your teams really well, this is your chance to get rich. For the first time ever, your knowledge of sports and correctly guessing which player might score on any given day can be very rewarding. Still sounding too good to be true? Well, it is definitely so in this case. So how do you go about winning some really cool cash prizes? Read on.

dream11 is a Fantasy sports website that allows users to create fantasy sports team & participate in the Fantasy league for anyone the upcoming matches of their choice. Once decided, use your best of the ability to form the most forbiddable team that has a higher chance of performing on the field. If they do, then count your blessings as it’s your lucky day for a big jackpot. You can Visit Site for more information

About Dream11

Dream11 is available as a website as well as a Mobile App in Playstore & App Store. They started around 2012 and touched 3 crore users so far and has got a name as a trusted fantasy sports platform.

So what are you waiting for? Brush up on your knowledge, start forming your best teams and get to a winning start!


How to Play?

Choose an upcoming match like say India vs England test match. Given it’s a cricket match, you need to pick a team of 11 which includes 1 wicketkeeper (either from India or England), 3-5 Batsmen (from both teams together), 1-3 All Rounders and 3-5 Bowlers. Ensure that the players selected are part of the actual squad and not a substitute, else you might lose out on that particular player. Once you are done with it, choose a captain and vice-captain from your team, that can fetch you bonus points.

Once you are done picking players for your dream team, click Next and you will be guided to the Contest Page. These contests will have an entry fee, lesser the entry fee, more no of teams can join, while higher the entry fee, your chances of winning is more, given your competition is less.


The Cricket Fantasy League

So for example, taking a live scenario there is a contest that has an entry fee of 26 Rs with a total winning of 250 RS. Only 11 teams can join this with 7 winners. The First Rank team will get 60, Rank 2-3 gets 40, Ranks 4-5 gets 30Rs and Ranks 6-7 gets 25RS. So being in the top 7 out of 11 teams assures you of double the money invested. The same proportion is applied for higher amounts.

Dream 11 is not just for cricket, but also has football matches, where you can showcase your soccer knowledge skills and win accordingly. Football covers almost all leagues including English Premier League, Italian Premier League, Spanish league, American league etc.

The short trick here is to identify lesser-known matches, with less number of entries and bid on them and that ensures a sure shot of winning percentage.



by Gurjeet Chhabra