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Hi peeps,

Hope you are shinning and glittering as usual. In today’s fashion conscious era looking good and fashionable has become a necessity. With the growing fashion brands in the Indian market, it becomes very difficult to pick the right one in accordance to your comfort, fashion, and affordability. This at most times becomes a very daunting task.

So here is a list of outfits you can try your hands on and still score high on fashion meter.

1. Front or side slit kurta with jeans

The slit cut is the new trend in suits or kurti. slit style is not bonded to one side that creates grace either on front open style, side slit, layered slits and many more.
Fret not if you are on a healthier side, it will not only draw attention. While the slit in a dress adds to the sex appeal, it breaks the monotony of a drab seam in a kurti.
Modern, trendy and elegant, dress up and look stunning with side slit suits. Various patterns and colours add drama to your whole look.

slit dress with jeans

2. Asymmetrical dresses

Something that is asymmetrical has two sides or halves that are different in shape, size, or style.
Asymmetrical dresses and arty vibes to outfits. The vertical lines create an elongating and slimming effect. The asymmetric top can transform the simple outfit into a special outfit. This is particularly effective to hide the belly.

Asymmetrical dresses are quite in these days which give you the advantage to be in trend and at the same time give an illusion of perfect curves. This modernistic approach of designers compliments all silhouette. It creates an illusion of perfect figure and full length.

Asymmetrical dresses

3. Lace Dress

Lace outfit just steal the show, sneak and a peak of your skin and lace make it so stylish. Evening dresses, cocktail attire, autumn and winter collections have more penchant for LACE
Lace crop white lace tops, or lace skirts, to cocktails in lace pencil skirts, to events when lace anything can be paired with.


4. Dhoti style

When you wish to add a little more debonair in your ethnic appeal, dhoti pants steal the show. These pants or salwars feature loose draped at the upper area which lasts till ankle and this loose adhere gradually lowers along the length. The swag of dhoti pants are now not just for men and even women can enjoy it. You can also wear it with dhoti salwar to give this fusion an indo- western touch.

Dhoti Style

Designers are creating fresh looks and experimenting with different styles to make a complete fashion ensemble.
The fabric is the soul of clothes that give the desired design and style to clothes. Fabric should be like a second skin so comfortable, add elements that show your personality. Choosing the right fabric may seem like an arduous process but don’t worry about that, Recently I came across such amazing fabric shop Tissura, They have a global network of fabric shops and showrooms located in Hong Kong, Moscow, and Saint Petersburg. The best thing is that you can order online worldwide. The fabric has high quality with beautiful pattern, designs. It makes every piece alive with its rich fabrics and is crafted skillfully. If you want your clothes to be the talk of town then the fabric must be from Tissura. Now flaunt your style in your way with the best fabric.

Tell me, girls, what style you like to opt? I am eagerly waiting to hear your style statement look.


by Gurjeet Chhabra