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Today F-word is hitting me hard- Freedom, flexibility, financially independent.
Are You the person who wants to live the life to its fullest? Do not want to trap in the web of time. Hate an unappreciative boss screaming at you, or putting you down and saying that you aren’t doing enough and worst when you are killing your passion because of 9 to 5 job schedule.

Then welcome to the world of F- FreeLance

 You may be ready to begin thinking about embarking on the exciting and fulfilling freelancer journey. Fortunately, it’s easier than it seems, hold your hands to fulfill your freelancing dream.

The Advantage of  F-word- Freelancing

1) Freedom to live

No more hurdles in your peaceful life. Work in your most productive hours. If you want to take the weekend off & want to enjoy with kids, by all means, go for it. As a freelancer, you can actually work during your most productive hours, and those hours don’t have to fall in during regular business hours.
The client does not care about which hour you completed your work. They just care that the work gets done. Rebuilding your life to suit you is an incredible experience.

2) Fame your productivity

If work is of your interest or niche, don’t you love to give it your 100% to make it the best project ever?
If you enjoy working on your projects, then you’re going to be more motivated. Working on them is not a chore but a reward for yourself.
You are your own boss and you get to make your own rules about when and the job gets done and how. Liberating and yet very challenging that’s the charm of the freelance consultant, if this does not excite you then you should read this Ultimate Guide to the freelance consultant. I have learned a lot from and that’s the reason I am in blogging today which gives me wings to express my feeling and earn too.


3) Financial Independent

A freelancer works on a project or assignment basis and gets paid on successfully completing the job. The smarter you are as a worker, the more efficiently you can get jobs done and earn more with every assignment. Freelancers are not only more focused and productive but also have an incentive to work efficiently.
No longer do you have to work for a flat rate, no matter how large the projects are that you complete. This gives you the freedom to then use that money to improve yourself and expand your business.

4)  Fit in every place

Freelancing career by blogging from paradise means enjoy your work with your favorite spots in town.
You are no longer stuck in an office or even in your home. Find a place in which you work best. You could work in a park, at the library, or in your living room while you’re wearing your pajamas. Thank God no more hassle what to wear in the office. No more repeated dress tension.

I find Freelance life pretty cool. What you think guys? Do you like to opt for the Same?

by Gurjeet Chhabra