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Reality can be hard to digest, but the truth of the hour is that we, as a society, have become extremely money-minded. No matter what the issue at hand is, we naturally tend to look at it through cash-tinted glasses! But this kind of blatant materialism is sadly doing us more harm than good.

Gone are the days when the eagerness to help out a fellowman sprouted put of genuine sympathy and concern. It’s “What am I going to get from it” psychology that is doing rounds nowadays.

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This selfish mentality is best reflected in our buying patterns. We want everything out there for ourselves. We see the utility in every knick-knack that is presented to our eyes, and in most situations, end up impulsively buying it out irrespective of its actual worth.

While we sit amidst all our materialistic gizmos and novelties, we do feel happy, of course. Unfortunately, this kind of happiness is very short lived and ends the moment something fancier catches our eye!

It’s time we started to invest ourselves into creating long-lasting happiness. Things that would actually make us content, rather than simply making us feel falsely proud of our possessions.

If for a moment, we could close our eyes and think deeply, we’ll realize that true joy doesn’t even come from things!

It comes from experiences.

It is the experiences in our lives that make it worth the struggle. The joy of getting your first salary, good times spent in the company of good friends, special moments with your dearly beloved, investing in big-ticket items like a home, taking your parents on a vacation, etc . These are what make life beautiful, and not clothes, or phones, or furniture.

I too am guilty when it comes to giving into this rat race of owning and showing off! But, I’ve learned my lesson.

There was one time when I only cared about my comforts. Come salary day, and I would be busy shopping online or in malls hunting for the next best thing to spend my money on. There was no time for family or friends; it was all about me, me and me, and all my things!

But I’m not like that anymore! Here are some tried and tested personal tips that helped me become a better person again:

Let Go Of The Materialism

Just drop it cause it’s that bad!

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Materialistic things are things at best! You buy a dress today, tomorrow you’ll forget all about it when you get a newer one. So, just let go of this unhealthy desire to buy everything that you can.

Discover Better Alternatives 

Instead of giving in to your materialistic instinct of ownership, learn how to #SmartlyOwn things. If you like to live a comfortable life but don’t want to be put down with the burdens of ownership, opt for  #SubscriptionLifestyle.

Let’s start with your home first! Do you really have to invest in something as basic as home furniture to find happiness? If you’re a practical person, then your answer should be no!

Innovative companies like allow you to get furniture and home appliances on affordable rent for a comfortable rent term. These kinds of arrangements are great, as they not only satisfy your actual needs but also save you from guilt and financial drain.

Live For The Experiences

Make life more happening with moments of togetherness and bonding with your dear ones. Meet new people, listen to their stories, discover new places, click a lot of fun pictures with your pets, go to an amusement park with your friends, and visit your parents often. These are what nostalgia is made of.

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Just give these tips a shot for only a few months, and trust me, you’ll actually feel relieved, relaxed and happy for real, for once! Don’t forget to share in the comments below, in case you too have any priceless insights to tell the world!




by Gurjeet Chhabra