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A gift is a way of showing the other person how much it is that you care about them. We have this tradition of giving gifts to our loved ones because there are times when it is difficult to put your emotions and feelings into words.

With the rapid expansion and progress of our world one is almost spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing a gift.

According to me a portrait painting can be a great gifting option as it is the perfect combination of a creative mind and some really good artistic abilities.

You can convert picture to a painting of some of the great times that you have spent together, an unforgettable memory. It can, in fact, be the perfect show of love and affection from your side, a fitting tribute for the important role that he/she has had in shaping your life.


A gift should ideally be something that appeals to the receiver and a portrait painting is a perfect example. The days that we cannot put into words are in fact the days that have an everlasting impact on us and create moments and memories which last us a lifetime.

Turn pictures into painting and immortalize such blissful memories.

These painted portraits will serve as a constant reminder that there is always someone who appreciates you and is there for you when the times are not so good.


It is a fitting memoir which shall make you realize that ultimately like everything else this too shall pass, but there is absolutely no reason that it should fade from your memory.

With the onset of the digital era converting photos to painting gives out those rustic vibes which radiate a sense of nostalgia through such painted portraits.

With a wide variety of choices with respect to features and mediums such as oil portraits, charcoal portraits, acrylic, and watercolor portraits etc PortraitFlip is the go-to place for your artistic cravings.

Capturing a moment today has become as easy as the click of a button and creating such a painting from photo is a great way to reminisce, preserve and replay some awesome times, memories and people.


Even a simple image of the person that is converted into a pencil portrait painting will speak volumes and intensify the special relationship and bond that you share with the person. 

The quality of a person’s life is not necessarily measured only by the amount of wealth that he accumulates but also by the meaningful relationships that he creates with those around him.

In my opinion, the tradition of giving gifts is a great concept as it helps to reinforce and strengthen the gratitude and affection that the people share.

The stone once was thrown, the words once said and the time once gone will never come back hence it is always suggested that you always live life to your potential best.

This potential best is not only in terms of productivity but also internal happiness.


PortraitFlip also offers you a special option of getting a custom portrait done whose size can be customized to fit the preferences of the customer.

A custom portrait gives you more flexibility to add more people and features into your portrait painting.

It can also act as a stellar addition to anyone’s home décor as it gives a really great feel and ambiance to your sweet and humble abode.

A portrait painting can appeal to the eye like very few other things and can also strike a chord with your heart, especially if it has a personal connection to you.


The people we meet and the memories that we make with them is one of the most important aspects of life and thus a small gesture every once in a while is a good way to strengthen the old and create new bonds.

by Gurjeet Chhabra