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The Power of Influencer Marketing

Today Influencer marketing has created a buzz all around the brand, market and an influencer. That brings in my mind to talk about Influencer marketing today.  My commerce background made it very easy to understand me the fundaments of fours Ps while describing influencer marketing that helps in promoting any brand or business. What are four P’s – Product, Price, Promotion, and Place that’s the key for business success. Influencer marketing is not a new concept, it is a very old and effective technique to present a brand but Today influencer marketing become a hot topic which has taken a great pace and forms great impacts on people mind. One had shifted from the traditional way advertisement that is expensive, time-consuming and inefficient. Times change and marketers need to change with them. In today’s digital world marketing has become ever more pervasive in our lives as consumers, so marketers need to focus more on social media and make the connection with the brand to the customer.

Days are gone when people rush to the market for new product. Today, people tend to go online and research about the product and buy it online or from the market but today social media plays an integral role in a digital marketing strategy.

Influencer marketing is an awareness, improved perception 0f the brand product.

Nancy and Behrman really dove deep into this P’s, influencer marketing is not any easy fix but Behrman Communications knows where to send the right type of message across the right platform. Behrman Communications provides a wide variety of services, including brand elevation, strategic planning, social media marketing, and public relations.

The Power of Influencer Marketing

Every year mobile user increase does access to the internet, we know where we find our customers. Influencer marketing is far more credible and useful than any advertisement. Influencer marketing, today become a bridge that gives a connectivity to a Brand meet customer so it is necessary to place your product and services can be found online is very important.  Make sure the content ranks well in search engine results. You may have the best product or service in the world, but if nobody knows about it, your business won’t last.

Being a part of Influencer marketing, I know it becomes my responsibility to provide an honest review to my audience. As an influencer, I speak about the good and the bad products reach my audience with the truth of the product without being pressurized.

Consumers of today are not the same as consumers of the past. They don’t listen to everything they hear on television or the radio. They don’t trust large companies whereas they love to know from people or influencers around social media then only the company earn their trust. The consumer today is much smarter to judge and understand the brand products, they do not fall in prey with promises done by the company. They believe what they see. So they trust the influencer more than brand as they able to witness the result presented by the influencer.  It’s about unique, honest, legitimate relationships between the customer, brand and influencer.

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  1. Influencer marketing undoubtedly has been a game changer in the digital industry, be it a small scale or a large scale industry influencers are been approached on a huge level, this blog was damn helpful thank you for sharing

  2. Influencer marketing is indeed the future of marketing! it is always easier for a person to communicate the value of something to people.. it’s the best mode actually.

  3. Digitalization has changed the world now people have understood the importance of Digital world and all bands are focusing on that and influence marketing is also in boom and people are earning a lot form it.

  4. Influencer marketing or digital marketing is very important for any business these days. Good to know about Nancy and Behrman.

  5. Influencer marketing is still at a nascent stage and the coming years will bring in a lot of Technological innovations in this field. We are lucky to be in this era. 🙂


  6. Oh yeah I too agree influencer marketing is playing a very important role. You have covered all the points about influencer marketing.

  7. Now in this digital era, the most effective way of brand building is influencer marketing. Brands are spending huge on this chanel and they are getting good results also. But its not an easy job rather it needs hard work, dedication and honesty,Macro or Micro whatever you are.

  8. I thoroughly agree about your take on influencer marketing. At the same time it is important for brands to realize their importance in marketing their products. And true that consumers are smart, so they seldom fall for fake promises.

  9. No doubt Influencer market has grown by leaps and bounds , thereby making it all the more necessary for the influencers to give an honest review/ feedback to remain in the game.

  10. Very informative post indeed influencer market is an upcoming thing and your post has aptly highlighted the facts for influencers

  11. Taking this influenzing marketing with pride it really comes with huge sense of responsibility I really like you highlighted very nicely

  12. Very insightful post. True that Influencer marketing had taken over the digital world. Because customers these days rely on Influencers and micro Influencers for checking any product’s efficiency.

  13. I absolutely agree that consumers these days trust the influencer more than brand as they able to witness the result presented by the influencer. Thus, it becomes our responsibility to portray correct picture and provide unbiased review.

  14. Actually it’s very important to understand that this field is full of responsibility and fun …you have perfectly written

  15. Influencer marketing is the best way forward for all advertising purposes. You’re right about the fact that influencers have a huge responsibility on them to be honest and true to their audience.

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