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Who is the Culprit of your Baby rashes- Diapers or Wipes?

Motherhood comes with lots and lots of emotions and sentiments. The very first emotion that all mom came across is to protect the baby in every best way. Whether it is your first time or the second, the anxiety remains the same.  When my baby was born, I used water soaked cotton to clean my baby bum or hands as I just don’t want any chemical to touches my baby skin. When I came across Mother Sparsh Wet wipes which contains 98% water and cotton, my preference becomes Mothersparsh wet Wipes.  I switched the chemicals based products from my baby’s wardrobe with Eco-friendly products just like MotherSparsh.

If you have gone through my previous post that talked about how chemical-free wipes have passed the flame test that makes me believe that it is India’s 1st water-based wipes Brand- Mother Sparsh.

It purely consists of water and cotton that is a natural gift of God. Do you know our baby skin is 10 times more delicate than an adult? Why should we apply or use a chemical to our babies soft delicate skin when we have an as good product as  Mothers touch that never ever cause any harm.


Why you should go for Mother Sparsh Wipes?

1.Parabens Free, Worry Free, Alcohol-Free –

You never want your baby to go through such chemicals which are extremely harmful to the baby that can cause infection, rashes. the main one is the product being Hypo-allergenic. It’s really important to check that the wipes do not cause rashes to the baby. Water-based wipes keep the skin hydrated. Even doctor consider water-based wipes that babies are more prone to skin allergies.

2. Green Parenting –

Biodegradable material means natural fabric (100% Viscose fabric). Mother Sparsh also take care of Mother Earth, the product is Eco-friendly so it won’t pollute the environment around by any mean.  Go green parenting with Mother Sparsh.

Mother sparsh


3. What do you choose plastic or purity? –

Most of the wipes have polyesters and that cause rash on the baby skin but Mother Sparsh wipes is extra special as it contains 98% water and cotton, no polyester that says how much they care for the baby skin. It’s not that you cant use baby wipes, Even I use it to remove my makeup with these water wipes which only contain water nothing more

4. Mother Sparsh has pH balanced-

You ever spared a minute to think about the pH. what is  ‘pH’ means ‘potential of hydrogen.’ maintain the hydration levels of your skin. When you use products that have a high pH (alkaline), it affects the permeability of your skin. it becomes vulnerable to skin issues, irritants, and microorganisms. Choose products that are pH balanced Just like My Mother Sparsh, it has pH balanced that moisture skin well.

Buy  Mother Sparsh pack contains 80 wipes for  Rs.175 but you will get it on Amazon at Rs 132/- and on First Cry retail price is Rs175/-  around but you will get it in  Rs.121.99.

If you want to ask anything more from your friend, I am here to help you out? Tell me if you find this post helpful?


19 thoughts on “Who is the Culprit of your Baby rashes- Diapers or Wipes?

  1. Totally agree with you that skincare friendly wipes is the need for baby. Mother sparsh wipes sounds promising from your experience

  2. This is such an eye opener! We buy so many big brands’ wipes but do not see the ingredient list or even the material used for wipes. 98% water means these are the most gentle wipes!

  3. Whenever my son had rashes, I was told to take him out of diapers like for good. Everyone talks about diapers can give rashes but nobody tells that wipes can be a problem too. SO glad I read your post. Definitely choosing these water wipes next time.

  4. Wipes are something that’s much needed in baby care. And rashes due to wipes is very common. But
    Mothersparsh in no time has become a trusted brand bcz of it’s honesty.

  5. According to me, diaper and wipes both can be harmful so its best for the baby, if we use cloth diapers and wipes should be chemical free always like Mother Sparsh.

  6. We should use chemical free wipes always. This one is really good. I have used it on my baby’s skin. It is really as good as water and cotton. A pure water based baby wipes.

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