From a school going child to young people busy with their daily office chores, everyone tends to forget things. That is really a usual thing that happen to a human brain.

But when this increases, creates real problems. Not just that it annoys you and the people related to you, it can cause even more.

Serious memory disorders like the Amnesia, Alzheimer’s disease and what not are one of the worst climaxes of the fading of the memory. But don’t you worry pondering over that. Your better lifestyle and diet can do wonders to your brain. And, it is medically proven!

Put your seat belts for the ride to the plans for your healthy brain and memory.

1. Sleep Like the Legend

 Hey there! Sloths! Or even if you are a night owl, it’s high time to choose the best. That is sleeping on and for the right time. Medical experts say that taking your sleep so casually can be a very big cause of the gradual loss of memory.

Sleeping for seven to nine hours each day is suggested as mandatory for a healthy mind. What the perfect amount of sleep will do is, it will improve your loose memories to long term memories.

Isn’t that an easy way to work this out?

2. Mind a Healthy Diet for the Healthy Memory

 Who isn’t lazy enough to have ready-to-eat cereals, noodles, white breads? These refined carbohydrates may damage your capabilities to memorize. Let’s dig deeper in it.

Food that can increase your blood sugar level, especially that which have added sugar will cause cognitive declination. That will affect the memory functions. Refined carbs get easily synthesized by your body and increase blood sugar level.

Another thing to add in your diet should be anti-inflammatory food. Fruits, vegetables and teas are good oxidants. These reduce oxidation stress and lower the decline of cognitive. For the same reason adding curcumin, which is found in turmeric, will have better effects.

Food with more of fish oil is another better option. Also it is high time to add cocoa in your life. Guess, that does not seem too difficult, does it?

3. How About a Little sweat?

 And by sweat I mean, little exercising. You might have noticed that exercise is indeed the cure of almost all the problems in your life. It is a solution for your memory loss too.

Medically, whenever you exercise, it increases the secretion of neuroprotective proteins, improving the growth of neurons.


Apart from the healthy brain, it improves the physical health too. If you are physically unfit, no matter how intelligent you are, you will be restless and ultimately end up having weak thoughts.

So get set and burn up the calories inside you!

4. Training for Your Memory

 Do you like playing Tetris? That’s of course a nice time pass idea but it has much more power. Games like crossword puzzles, chess and many more challenge your brain’s processing abilities. This helps you to keep your brain in a healthy and good active state.
brain games for improving memory

There are many mobile applications that are made for the dedication of your brain’s healthy cognitive skills. There are other brain training programs that you can opt for online. This will improve your short term memory, concentration and working memory. This will also help to reduce the risk of memory losses in the older adulthood. Switch to some gaming for a while!

5. Meditation

 Meditating for a few minutes every day has a lot of benefits. It is a really famous technique to soothe and calm yourself down. This is scientifically and non-scientifically the best way to relax.

meditation for improve memory

Meditating can reduce the pain and stress to a really astonishing level. Even the blood pressure patients are suggested to meditate on the very first. And finally! It improves memory too.

As you grow up, the amount of gray matter reduces in your brain. Thus, this leads in the declination of cognition and memory. Gray matter is the tanker of brain cells. But, meditation can help you throughout this. It increases gray matter in the brain.

Not only meditation, any relaxation technique can get you there. These can help improve the short-term memory. Do try relaxing for a moment.

6. Make Sure of a Healthy Weight

 Obesity is a common disorder rather, a disease nowadays. Kids, adults and senior citizens, everybody is vulnerable. This does not only risk your physical health conditions but also your mind status.

Obesity has proven to negatively affect your cognition increment. It can cause serious modification to the genes that are somehow connected to the memory. And hence, it can ridiculously affect your memory.

Talking about Alzheimer’s disease, yeah! Obesity is one of the reasons. You have got to keep yourself safe from being obese.

7. Try Mind Shakti Supplement for Memory Improvement

 Apart from trying to keep your memory sharp by yourself, I can also help you with this. Nature Sure has come up with this promising supplement tablets called, Nature Sure Mind Shakti tablets.

These tablets help your brain to avoid environmental and age related cognitive impairments. Mind Shakti provides protection against stress and neurological disorders. It promotes optimal functioning of your brain.

Mind Shakti is made up of 100% pure and natural ingredients, packed with over hundred nutrients and twelve vitamins and minerals. For the anti-inflammation and ant oxidation, it has almost 80 compounds. These tablets supply Omega-3 and Omega-6 which help your brain and body to be healthy.


If you are a pregnant or breast-feeding woman, or you have a low blood pressure then avoid the intake of these tablets. Reduction in the dosage is required if you get any problems regarding stomach.

You can buy this product from the official website of Nature Sure for a very valid price. Try this supplement out, along with your hard work to get your memory better.


Many suffer from a weak memory from the start of their adulthood. Many end up with a complete memory loss when they grow old. This is a very serious condition that needs to be addressed by you.

Nature sure mind shakti

Try keeping up with each and every medically proven tip that you just read above. To help yourself hit for the Nature Sure Mind Shakti tablets.

Memorize the above tips for the first exercise. Hope you will remember them!!!

January 28, 2020

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