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Are Your Baby Wipes Are Safe To Use, Try Out Flame Test

Hi peeps,

God knows what is best for all. And so does the godlike figure “Mother” as far as her children are concerned. From the temperature of the milk to the fabric of clothes, from the nutrition of food to cleanliness of the child’s surrounding, you must agree she is the most loving and nurturing creature on this planet.

One thing mothers are most concerned about is the sanitation of her child. And why not she be? Bad sanitation does lead to infection, sores, and bruises which can be a painful experience for the child and most horrifying for his/her creator. Not only that an infant’s skin demand the ultimate softness as far as fabric is concerned. I personally in numerous cases have seen diapers and baby wipes doing the opposite of what they are meant to do. This happened to my own child I stopped trusting the statistics and facts and decided to check the quality of the fabric myself.

In my last post, I wrote on MotherSparsh wipes which are As Good As Cotton & Water. But again believe what you see, and I did put this product to the test. And well the conclusion was surprising. I call it the “Flame Test”.


  • Baby wipes
  • Candle
  • Matchstick


1. Light the Candle with help of matchstick
2. Take the wipes and dry a little so moisture of it dry and it becomes easy to burn it.
3. Take the wipes close to the flame and burn it.

Smell the Rat

With the burning of baby wipes, you come to know the truth of brands false promises. If it has the bad smell of plastic burning than it contains the wipes have a high percentage of ‘polyester’ in the fabric. That will cause harm to the baby sensitive skin.

Harsh on skin

If the baby wipes are burned and no bad smell of plastic. The smell is like paper or cotton burning then it means no polyester contain in wipes. Baby wipe is made of natural fabric. It is good to be used on baby delicate skin.

We all check ingredients on the back of the pack but isn’t it a good idea to check out with the test that is conducted at home, you do not have to go to any lab. Trust me this is simpler than making tea.

Burn The False Promises

Well, I experimented on 4 baby wipes out of which 3 left a hard residue after burning suggesting polyester presence. And finally Mothersparsh wipes, to my surprise it left no hard residue. It was as if it evaporated in thin air. It suggests only water and cotton content and absolutely 0 amount of polyester. After burning It turns into ashes that clearly state it is made of natural fiber.


It was mentioned on Mothers Sparsh pack it contains 98% water. what can be the purest form than Water a natural element of Earth?

Trust is a loser’s game. So don’t trust any advertisements, don’t trust the content, well I ask you don’t even trust me on this. This something you need to do it by yourself. I am happy my favorite Mother Sparsh has passed the Agni Pariksha and won my heart. It contains only natural fabric and water. Nothing can shake my belief now on Mother Sparsh which is As Good As Cotton & Water.



36 thoughts on “Are Your Baby Wipes Are Safe To Use, Try Out Flame Test

  1. Hey Gurjeet, I particularly like your posts because there is so much honesty in them. You write what you mean or vice verse, you mean what you write!
    Another very “from the heart” write up about baby wipes, which I am sure most of the mothers would be interested in understanding.. very well explained..!! And surely it seems to be a very reliable brand! Thanks for letting us know 🙂

  2. Oh, I’ve tried MotherSparsh baby wet wipes before and I love it and very safe to use. I always recommend that to all of my friends.

  3. Doesn’t it feel so good when you can get a logical proof of a product being good for your baby? I quite like the wipes a d have written about them on my blog too…I did the test a few days ago and was happy to see the results.

  4. Mother Sparsh wipes are really good , I have been using for my son too. Flame test is a must for any wipes you use. Love their fragrance too

  5. Thanx for the wonderful information..never ever knew about this test…I will certainly keep this in mind next time when I buy wipes for my kid

  6. I never knew that baby wipes could be harmful. It’s surprising how sometimes we take things for granted. Thanks for the post.

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