Baby Shower Surprise Ideas

Baby shower

Being a mother is one of the greatest feelings in the world. And to celebrate it what’s better than an ultimate baby shower surprise. Though we know planning a baby shower can be a daunting task. Especially when you want it be a surprise for a loved one. If you want to give the to-be-mommy a fun and warm baby shower, we bring to you the best of ideas for it. But before we get there let’s get an exact idea of this event and why is it important.

What is a Baby shower?

Baby showers are the best way to show the love and care towards the mom-to-be. It’s both fun and productive, as both the mother and the baby need a lot of stuff once the baby is born. And what’s better than all the loved ones gathering to celebrate the great news.

Who should host the baby shower surprise?

Now that we know what this event is about, the next question that comes up is ‘who should plan and host the baby shower surprise?’ Can be a best friend , a co-worker, neighbors, relatives or simply someone who’s willing to and is dear to the future mommy. It doesn’t really matter who is throwing the party as long as it involves everyone whose presence would make the expectant mother happy. Moms can plan their baby shower themselves too. If that’s the case with you just ask one of your friends who could sign the invites and rest you could be done by you.

When to give the baby shower?

Baby shower can take place any time after the expectant mother breaks the good news to you till the new member is born. Also one can have baby shower multiple number of times with different set of gathering or same. Anyway baby showers are always fun!

Where to throw the baby shower party?

The location of the bash depends on the atmosphere you want to create. Your backyard or some garden area is a great place for this in case you’re planning to have it in the day time. You can host the shower at a community club or a restaurant in case you want in it indoors. Else you can always have it in your living room. You can host the party anywhere else too, keeping in mind what mood you want for the surprise party.

What arrangements need to be done for the baby shower?

After you’re done deciding the date and venue, get the invitations done. While preparing the invitation list keep in mind that it includes everyone the mother would like to have around her. Also try to keep it as private as possible. It should not get obligatory for the mother as well as the guests. That’s how you’d get the perfect warm and fun mood for the party.

You can transform a usual baby shower into an unique one using these cool ideas for your baby shower :

  1. Pick a theme: Adding a theme to the party would be a very creative idea. You can choose a theme considering the likes of the to-be-mother. It could be a ‘baby boy/ girl’, beach, balloons and flowers, tropical mood or simply a colour based theme. Ask the guests to dress according to it. You can also arrange some games related to theme of the party. This would make the baby shower creative and add a lot of fun.

baby shower surprise idea theme

  1. Make it Co-Ed: Usually baby showers are for the moms and her girlfriends. You can think out of the way and Invite the dad and his friends to tag along. This way it’d be a celebration for both the parents. Couple games, some alcohol, and good food can turn this baby shower into a great party.

baby shower

  1. Pamper the mom-to-be: The expectant mother has had not so easy time in the past few months. Instead of a typical baby shower party you can plan a self-care session for the mom and her friends. Go out for massages, spas, nail care or arrange it at home. Add some music and great food to make it the best relaxing party ever!

baby shower surprise idea pamper would be mom

  1. Make it kids friendly: Instead of involving only mom’s friends or adults, you can also ask other mom friends to get their kids along. This could be a great idea if the baby shower is for the second or third kid. Plan the activates which involve both the mothers and the kids like card or video games. The theme can be decided accordingly like superheroes, matching dress code for the mom and kid, fairy tale. You can also plan a buffet lunch along with it which has kids favorite foods.
  2. Words of wisdom for the moms: Some encouraging words and tips can be great, especially for the first time mothers. Even though everyone has their own unique experience of motherhood but a guide from the specialist is not a bad idea at all. You can invite a gynecologist who could discuss the precautions and advice for the mom-to-be and  What Not To Do If You’re A Newbie Parent. End the event with good brunch buffet along with some music and dance.

baby shower surprise idea pamper would be mom, piece of advice for mom to be

No matter how the event is planned, what the theme is and who all are invited, the mom-to-be feels loved and cared with lots of fun and gifts that bring her joy. Pregnancy is a special time for the parents. It shall be celebrated and the soon-to-be mother should be given immense love from here close ones as she’s going through a lot. Just go by the points we’ve given to you, incorporate your own ideas with ours and surprise the mom with the best baby shower and lots of love. Give our love the patents-to-be! Happy baby shower planning!

April 2, 2020

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