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Howdy Mothers! Taking care of your little munchkin is a bit difficult especially when you are new to the club of parenthood and blessed with your first child. When the baby is crying it is really hard to recognize why he/she crying? What made them shed the tears? Well, consulting a doctor is the best option is that situation but, what if you can’t contact to doctor?

by Gurjeet Chhabra

               "Care Your Baby With #SensitiveWipes"

When it comes to babies, parents always want to use the quality product in food, clothes, toys, lotions and baby wipes.  Baby wipes are the most essential things which are very helpful in the upbringing of the babies. It is also very good for all sorts of uses like cleaning hands and mouth. But, what if the wipes are not safe?

by Gurjeet Chhabra

The connection between women and jewellery is years old and being the one I am very fond of quirky, beautiful, unique jewellery. Jewellery is the perfect blend of precious metals and hard work of craftsmanship which is specially designed to enhance the beauty. And, the beautiful sets of neckpieces, earrings and rings makes me feel graceful and put some confidence.   Well, not only I as almost each and every woman on his beautiful world loves jewelry made up of gems, gold, silver and any other metal like the way she loves her family. face earring Furthermore, there are numbers of platforms or stores from where we can get the best set to complete our look but, the best one comes in the list is Precious You. has a pleasant collection of jewellery for all the occasions as well as, it also meets the demand of changing fashion and changing mind-set of women though. More or less, a piece of jewellery can tell the entire story about a woman. It highlights everything about the women like from her financial status to choice.

What I picked up for myself:

Honestly saying, I love everything on the store but, couldn't buy all so, I picked three most beautiful and elegant pairs of earning which I know will go to garner me with lots of praises. So, here are those earrings which I picked up from the Precious You.

Abdifatah Earrings:

When I saw these pairs of fearless, unique, bold and exclusive earrings, I knew it will enhance my overall ethnic look. The little precious stones are nothing but, like a cherry over cakes. The colour combination and design are also very unique and breaking the stereotype.

Rainbow Earrings:

This is one of the finest pairs of earrings which remind me life is full of colours and why shouldn't I add some colours to my life. There could nothing be great then, having this rainbow earring. It is best as it can go with traditional as well as western attire. The minute I have this, I know it will add spunk into my life.

Justina Earrings:

I love these face kind of pairs of earring. They can go well with western and ethnic outfits. The design is very unique as I haven't seen such kind of creativity. When I first put it in my ears, I can see the better and beautiful version of myself. The suave and stylish is designed by the 100% real rough stones. preciousyou earring

What makes me choose Preciousyou?

I always wanted to have excellent collection of jewellery and, I found Preciousyou as the perfect platform which fulfill all my expectation of latest jewellery in bracelet, finger ring, earrings, necklaces,and watches. Well, do you know what adores me the most about the store? Here you go:

Best Jewellery Designs:

Well, I have spent almost hours to choose the perfect earrings for me as the entire collection on the website is mesmerizing and it is tough to choose the right one.

by Gurjeet Chhabra