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Like other mom's I am also very keen to add new words, knowledge, information in my child's mind dictionary so I keep on adding new toy,books into his cupboard. The place we call home-the earth, houses innumerable species. but out of all theses,one has been on the top of the food chain. Yes,it is the human race! though our physical strength can never match the strength of the great and mighty animals,even after thousands of years man has ruled over the world and everything in it.Still different creature attract our attention to know them more. Children today are much smarter. Even my 18 month kid know how to swipe my phone to unlock , clicking button on my laptop . It become impossible to do work in front of him as if he wants to do all my work. I called today generation "DIGITAL GENERATION" .  Tell me If I ask you to choose from books and thing where everything look alive what will you choose- 4D games? Ofcourse, 4D games ,you want to see thing living ,moving,crawling with sound. It is interactive way to hold the attention of learners. Children always more inclined towards gadgets today. I also believe that kids always remember things which they visualize. Recently I come across pocket Zoo 4D by Aurodo which draw my attention. Children are always keen to know animal's kingdom .Do you know why? Because it make learning a fun , make animal appear real. It is for age 2-10 years. Its packaging is beautiful and draw attention too. The card quality is good. It is easy to use. its Cost is just RS 499/- and must say it is totally  worthy. Pocket Zoo 4D is an innovative game for kids to play, learn and interact with animals on iOS and Android devices. Gadget lover kid will learn through reality game cards when scanned with Tablet/ Phone the animals appears in 4D environment. This is so innovative and I love it . IT has 32 cards means 32 animal your kid to know about . it has device stand and pouch for cards.

How to use it:

To play the game we have to download Aurodo pocket zoo from playstore or activate app using  scratchcard code and now its play time . With this kids can learn about animal like how they sound, spellings and behaviour along with experiencing them in 4D.

Thing your kid can do with Zoo pocket:

  • You can rotate your 4D animal360`
  • You can zoom in and out
  • Use spell function- to know the name of the animal
  • Use behaviour function to know how animal behave
  • There is also a animal quiz game which turned out to be icing on the cake.
My 7 year daughter loved it and she does not let me have my mobile back. She keep on watching animal plus playing quiz. It also turn out to be play time with her friend. keep impressing them with this new pocket zoo which is fascinating all the kids. Trust me kids go so crazy that their mom call me for the game as well and loved the idea of learning with fun My kid's reaction was so cute ,hilarious. she jumped at first when she saw animal go live. she tried to catch it and ask me that "KYA LION BAHAR AA JAYEGA" KHAYEGA TO NAHI" I just laughed when I heard all that funny questions. She was super excited and when she become master in gaming, she teaches her friends. It is really a master pieces and I wish all school should also opt for it as a mean of interactive learning. You can buy this unique product online on Amazon site I will suggest every parent should try it . it is very helpful and fun in learning things.

by Gurjeet Chhabra

Holla Guys.. 

Today I will tell you about my favourite product and brand with reviews. Hope you gonna like it. First let me give you short intro why I turned to this brand.  The mom behind Mamaearth is Mrs.Ghazal Alagh (Chief M`om @Mama Earth) who has taken utmost care of mom’s worries about selecting the right product  for their apple of the eyes.

by Gurjeet Chhabra