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Christmas D.I.Y with PET

This Christmas Use the Plastic Bottles in the Best Way Possible (Christmas D.I.Y)

The most amazing time of the year is here. The winter nights with Christmas lights are all set to make us dazzles. People wait a whole year to spend time with their families and friends, to decorate the most happening Christmas tree, make lots of chocolate etc. But, don’t you think so this festive season you should add something more in your kitty? Yes, this Christmas you should spread the awareness of not using plastic if you love your environment.

Make a ban on the use of plastic from your home because the great things start at home. We see every day on newspaper and social media about the disadvantages of plastic but, all plastics are not bad. PET is the kind of plastic which is 100% recyclable. We have to pick the best and worst plastic so that the world can be a better place as well as it is good to promote PET. It is a very useful product which can be recycled again without giving any harm to the environment.

Well, we can see on festive seasons especially like Christmas used to plastic increases such as it is used in decorating stuff and Christmas tree. But, what if I say to replace bad plastic with PET? Yes, you can use PET to make Christmas ornaments and tree like I did! Today, I am sharing most amazing D.I.Y which can be good to celebrate Christmas without causing any side effect to nature.

Do it yourself or D.I.Y is a very common trend in today’s time to make things on your own and, using the stuff available in the home. But, no one will suggest that you can make Christmas Ornaments using PET bottles. Let’s have a look step-by-step guide to making D.I.Y Christmas ornaments at its best.

Christmas Bell

Christmas Bell D.I.Y

Materials and Tool

  • Plastic bottle
  • Brushes
  • Red acrylic paint
  • Red Ribbon
  • golden thread
  • golden and red glitter powder
  • tissue papers
  • Scissors
  • Hot gun glue
  • glue
  • mirror/beads
  • Glittering sheet (golden, red and green)
  • Wire


  1. Clean and rinse the plastic bottle thoroughly. Wait for it to dry completely.
  2. Cut the plastic bottle. We are going to use the upper part of the plastic bottle for the bell.
  3. Apply glue all over the plastic bottle and sprinkle golden glitter on it. The bottle is well covered with glitter.
  4.  Take tissue to apply glue and start folding them to make balls, I use two tissue to make bell balls.
  5.  After it is dried and given the shape of a ball
  6.  Paint it with red acrylic color and then roll them on red dry sparkle glitter.
  7. Then let them dry
  8. Take a wire, turn it to form a hook and fix it on balls with a hot gun.
  9. Cut a small hole near the top of the bottle. Tie the ball with golden thread, pass the golden thread through the small hole and tie a knot to secure it.
  10. You can glue any ornaments you like to the top of the bell, but I made a flower with golden glitter sheet and make one more flower(red) little smaller than the previous flower . Paste this red flower on top of golden add one big mirror or beads in the center of the flower. Cut the shape of two leaves with glitter sheet. Paste leaves on side of the flower.
  11. Paste the flower on top of the bottle with the hot gun
  12. I also added to red balls to both sides of the bell to look more beautiful. Cut two pieces of wire and fasten to the top of the bell. You are ready to hang this beautiful Christmas bell.

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Christmas Ornament

Christmas Ornament

Materials and Tools
  • Clear or colored plastic bottles
  • scissors
  • Fabric colours
  • brush
  • paper punch
  • candle
  • string to hang them with
  • Hot gun


  1. Cut the bottom out of the bottle. I use a cutter but scissors work just as well. Trim the bottom part so it looks more like a flower
  2. Then I have coloured the pattern with the fabric colours
  3. Carefully melt over a flame, about 1 1/2″ over the flame works
  4.  I cut out a small leaf shape from plastic bottle specially green one that adds a great look to flower patterns.
  5.  Now carefully melt all the edges of leaves then glue them with a hot gun in the center of the flower.
    Even you use this for Diwali decoration, add water in the big bowl and place these pet flowers. They will float. 
  6. Even you can add light in the middle of these flowers just like my previous Christmas D.I.Y, light up your cup.
  7.  Heat knife and make a hole on top of this flower. Add the thread, make it easy to hang.

I hope you have liked the initiative to shake hands with nature. Make your own PET Christmas Ornaments and enjoy!


25 thoughts on “Christmas D.I.Y with PET

  1. This is something innovative and interesting. It is amazing that you sre recycling the use of plastic. And this looks super fun and easy to make

  2. This is a great way to not only celebrate the festival but take care of our environment. Plastic bell and ornaments look great. Thanks for the video.

  3. These are some fabulous DIY crafts to keep the kids busy these holidays. Thanks for explaining it so well. I can’t wait to try these at Home.

  4. Wow this is damn innovative and unique. I absolutely love the article and the making in the video. Thanks for sharing this with us. I am going to try it out with my niece and nephew. They’ll surely love it too.

  5. Wow these are some truly unique and wonderful ideas. Not only do you save money on decorations but also save the environment in the process. I especially loved your cute Christmas bell. Thanks for sharing.

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