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D.I.Y With Denim

 D.I.Y With Denim

Recycling is the process when you reuse the used materials to make something else.
Most of us love to wear denim. We love to chase fashion and be up to date in fashion but what about old denim. So before you throw them away, think about how they can be reused. Below are some suggestions of how to reuse those everyday bits and pieces.

Most of us in the name of reusing them cut short the Denim jeans to make it shorts and use it again but more we can do to make it more useful. Do You throw them or pass on your favorite denim? If yes, then I have a solution recreate the denim magic at home by D.I.Y.

Denim Disposable Bag

1. Cut done the Denim Jeans from knee-lengthDenim D.I.y

2. Turn the cut denim inside out and fold 2 inches from one side only and stitch with hand later we will ensure it with a sewing machine.

Denim D.I.Y

3. Sew with the sewing machine to make the stitches strong and durable. Make a cut in one side so we can pass the ribbon through it.

Denim D.I.Y


4. Now you can add ribbon in it and make a tight knot bringing all the denim cloth together.

Denim D.i.y

5. On another side, fold the denim and make a hole for the button. the hole should be on both sides’;; of the fabric.

Denim D.I.Y

6. Stitch a button inside the folded denim

7. So that you can pass button from both the holes.

Denim D.I.Y

8.  You can now fill the stuff as you like to disposable  clothes etc and pull from the bottom for use


9. Decorate it, so it looks beautiful. I love lady figure so make it like a girl. I used paper to make eyes, lashes and lips you can use clothes for its features.

Denim D.I.Y

10. I use my bathing loofah that again is waste for me as I am about to throw but then thought to use it like hairs. I make a hole in the top of the bag and pass a ribbon that holds loofah net and also can use for hanging it.
Denim D.I.Y
Here you go with my disposable beauty. You can pull out the disposable clothes or plastic bags from the bottom and add on the plastic bag or clothes from the top.

Denim Disposable plastic bag
Denim Disposable plastic bag


Dine out with your favorite Denim

It sounds weird but it’s not at all weird. Cut down the denim which you can use its pocket and flaunt it on your dining table. Use denim pocket for fork, spoon, and napkins.

Book in the Denim wrap

I just love the new look of my diary. Isn’t it so cool? I am sure colleges student will love it. Cover the book with denim jeans, jacket whatever you like. Then you can decorate it as per your creativity. You can give personalized look by adding your name with studs, fabric colours or beads or stitch your name and use the pocket for pencil and pen.

Denim dairyDenim D.I.Y


You can check out more D.I.Y here made by my little expert.

I hope You like the Denim reuse and I love to know your Ideas which I can add in my list too.

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46 thoughts on “D.I.Y With Denim

  1. Denim is always a classic hit among everyone. Using it for DIY is like icing on the cake. I will try the book one someday ❤️http://vrag.in

  2. These are some amazingly creative ideas! I have some old denims lying at my house that I was planning to donate. Could try some of these. Thanks.

  3. Omg Gurjeet, u are just amazing… love ur DIY with denims and now m thinking which denim to cut love all of them.. Keep posting such creative ideas.. u r inspriration

    Love, Yogita

  4. I LOVE diy projects and this one looks super cool. I would like to try this at my home and will share with you how it turns out.

  5. These DIY ideas look so cool. Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to try these myself. I will also involve my son who has holidays right now. Great way to keep him busy.

  6. That denim disposable plastic bag looks absolutely amazing and so useful! I am definitely going to make this with my old denims

  7. Great ideas and I loved the p[astic disposal bag a lot …you have done all wonderfully..will give a try !! Thanks for sharing

  8. Never thought of making a bag with old denim. This was a nice and well illustrated article. Would definitely try it out.

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