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Live Life On Your Own Terms

I would like thank Yogita Amit joshi from for  introducing me. She is master of rhythms as she is poet, friendly and helping buddy and of course a supermom

Life is full of challenges what I understood till date. Nothing can be achieved unless you dare / fight/struggle for it. Going back to memory lanes when circumstances were not in my favour  . I belong to conservative family, where my dad cares more of society than kids and my mom care more of kids than society but she never dared to go against her husband.

I belong to a family where girl birth considered as curse. My mom has to hear a lot because of two girls birth.  However my childhood passed and  settle in Delhi after my brother birth but life was not easy for me. Daring to speak to my father for my wish,desire was not easy. I want to study more but my grandparents want me to marry after 12th class. I convinced my dad for higher studies but he took a promise that I will not argue when marriage proposal of a less educated guy come. I too agree because I want to do anything for my wish.

Second great task was to do job. I want to fly I want to be independent . Again my father hardcore in his decision  no job as in our caste no girl do job. I went on hunger strike and again I convinced my father by saying that after marriage if I need to do job what I will do? I have no experience then my father agreed to it. It was a very tough phase . My father does not allow us to go out after 7pm . He use to sit on stairs when I came home a bit late .I gave interview in central school and then got a job as computer teacher that day my father was very proud of me.

The toughest phase was when I have to dare to speak to my father regarding my love. I swear it was not easy. Love marriage is big Havoc in my family as my masi love marriage was not successful and then it was a shame thing for a girl and family. But it seems like I have decided to break all barriers.

I was not able to gather guts and talk to father where as my love keep on boosting me to talk to my father. When I dare to talk to father I have taken sleeping pills ,I do not know what goes in my mind. I know it is not right. My father seem strict but he loves me a lot. He can read my face , something is wrong or I am hiding something. I does not came out for a day from my room . My father came to my room ask what is wrong. Then I dare to share  my heart out ,shown him photo of my love who is my hubby now. Told him about my love, profession, house, caste. He does not reply and leave my room saying complete your studies. I was in dilemma to consider his silence as yes or no. I have to struggle for 3 years to make my father agree . We can run and marry but we never thought to be a reason of shake to our patents. My daring step has open path for my siblings . They do not face problems as I did because after me my parents are happy with my decisions and I am happy in my married life.

My all story revolve around my father . Whenever I take  a dare to fulfill my dreams , my father too take a dare to convince his parents. Father always bow to fulfill my dreams . Dare a thon is between father and daughter . Both of us keep on taking dare challenges for good. We both dare to speaks our heart out. No he is no more but he was happy to see me settle happy and successful.

I can say nothing can be achieve without daring to take new path. Success and failure depends on our destiny. It’s my life and I dare to live my life as I want. No regrets for anything till now.

My hubby is my strength who support me in my decisions

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26 thoughts on “Live Life On Your Own Terms

  1. Kudos to you for making life turn around in your favour. I too had a tough time convincing my father for allowing me to marry my love. But you know what I’m glad you never gave up your dreams and your love.. More power to yiu.

  2. Wow! It takes a lot of courage to stand up for yourself specially in front of parents! So glad things worked out well for you and your father will always be proud of you!

  3. Kudos to your courage and strength. You kept working towards your dreams and wishes inspire of so many adversities. I wish you all the best for future. Great to know more about you through this post.

  4. I can very well understand what a girl has to go through in a society like ours.. A girl has to be daring at every step even to take decisions for her own life.

  5. True
    Nothing comes easy or handy in life. We need to be courageous enough to move on with dare life throws on us.

  6. Hats off to you Gurjeet. Your life is an inspiring story in itself. It is not every day that we get to know about the struggles of fellow bloggers.

  7. A story about courage and determination and you are such an inspiration for so many women out there so struggle under the same circumstances.

  8. What a beautiful read! I don’t know you but I am soooo proud of you and your father. Lots of love to you both

  9. Kudos to you for all the times you dared to speak. Standing up for what you want is not always easy. Happy to know that things worked out well for you.

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