Easy Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

Homemade ice cream

Could you resist yourself not to eat ice cream even after your tummy is saying no! Of course, no one can say no to ice cream. Ice cream is a kind of dessert that comes in so many different flavors. No one is too old to eat ice cream, but in the lockdown period, this is the first summer when we are trying hard to fulfill our wish. Yes, my kids and I crave the same, which is why I have come with easy to make and yummiest ice cream recipes of making.

Today, I’m sharing three super fresh ice cream recipes of flavors such as Mango, Chocolate, and Butter Scotch. So, let’s satisfy your soul too, that is roaming to eat a spoon of ice cream.

Butterscotch Ice-CreamButterscotch ice cream

When we left with no other option, butterscotch always saves us. The most popular and like flavor in ice-creams is butter-scotch. A spoon of butterscotch, when melts in your mouth, give feels of calmness and relaxation. It is best to try this season. So, follow the simple ice cream recipes and eat till your tummy gets full.


Praline is a kind of confectionary sweet that is made with sugar, nuts and Butter. This praline formula gives a delectable, crisp, crunchy and fresh praline which is like brown colored nougat. Praline can be add in cake,ice-cream and even can have it just like that. It is similar to Indian Chikkis’ which is eaten in winter mostly , crunchy,sweet and nutty in taste. Just three ingredients and it made in few minutes.

Praline Ingredients

Sugar – 4tbsp
Butter-  2tbsp
Almonds/cashewnut- 10-12


1. Roughly Chop the nuts .
2. In a pan Add sugar , keep it on low flame. Sugar will start melting and combine together donot worry.
3. Sugar will start melting and colour will also change. keep on stiring it.
4. Now add butter into it and give it good mix. Colour will change a bit. Turn off the gas.
5. Add Nuts into it and mix it well.
6. Pour praline mixture on a plate lined with parchment paper or butter paper. Even you can also use a plate on which greased with oil.Praline
7. Spread it evenly and let it cool it down.
8. When it is hard and cool out.
9. Remove Praline from paper/ plate and crush it coarsely. Do not crush into powder, we need little chunks.Praline coarsely crushes
10. It is now ready to use in cake or ice cream.

Butterscotch Ice cream Ingredients

Whipped cream – 3cup
Homemade Condensed Milk 400 gm
Butterscotch essence -2-3 drops


1. In A big bowl take 3 cup of whipped cream.
2. Add 2-3 drops of Butterscotch Essence.
3. Whip the cream with electric beater in full speed for 8-10 minutes.
4. Whip it  till soft peak form.
5. Now Add chilled Condensed milk.
6. Add Crushed praline Into the mixture.Butterscotch Ice cream
7. Mix everything very gently.
8. Now put the butterscotch Ice cream mixture into container and box.Cover it and freeze it until ice cream is set.BUTTERSCOTCH ICE CREAM

Mango Ice cream:Mango ice cream

To date, we used to eat Mango ice cream, but have you ever thought of making it? Yes, Mango is the most liked fruit, and any recipe using it tastes yum. And, most interestingly, one of the easiest things that you can make using Mango is Mango-Ice-cream. Just three ingredients to make summer yummiest Ice cream at home. You can also try mango kulfi .


Mango puree
whipped cream
Condensed milk


1. In A big bowl take 3 cup of whipped cream.
2. Whip the cream with electric beater in full speed for 8-10 minutes.
3. Whip it  till soft peak form.
4. Now Add chilled Condensed milk.
5. Add mango puree Into the mixture.
6. Mix everything very gently.
7. Now put the mango Ice cream mixture into container and box.Cover it and freeze it until ice cream is set.

Chocolate Ice cream:Chocolate ice cream

Every child’s favorite ice cream is chocolate and trusts me. Some adults also crave for the same. So, I’m sharing another easiest ice cream recipe using chocolate as the main ingredient. You can make it the way you want as some like more chocolate while some want the lesser amount.

Chocolate ice cream – for a chocolate flavor, then add 2 to 3 tablespoons cocoa powder or drinking chocolate in a bit of warm milk, whisk well and fold along with the condensed milk.

 Home Condensed Milk
IngredientsCondensed milk

2 cups full fat Milk
3/4 cups Sugar


1. In a heavy pan add milk and sugar and put it on medium flame.
2. Let simmer the milk for 20-30 minutes. Until the milk is reduce to half and thicken.
3.Once the condensed milk is ready,turn off the flame. Let it cool down. When it is cool down transfer into jar and chill in the refrigerator.

Follow some life-saving hacks to get or make your home-made ice cream perfect:

  1. Let the batter cool completely when you mix vanilla, almond, chocolate chips, or some other flavor.
  2. Cover with stick film to forestall the arrangement of precious ice stones.
  3. Let the batter gets cold before putting in the fridge to set.
  4. Utilize flat and wide holders to freeze the dessert, which advances consistency.
July 2, 2020

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