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#FirstTimeMom is a Blessing

Motherhood is a special feeling that can’t be expressed in words. I fell in love with her first heartbeat. With her little feet, happiness entered my life That is my #FirstTimeMom precious moments.

Finally, when the day came, I still remember every micro detail – Her first sight, first cry and holding her for the first time. When I first saw my baby my tears rolled down my eyes.

Her first touch is divine tiny hands try to hold my hand, little eyes trying to see the world. Each time I look at her, hold her, rock her, feed her or put her to sleep, my bonding with her getting stronger.

Still, remember those Sleepless nights when I held her whole night to comfort her singing her favourite lullaby to her.

As a new mom, you might witness many such moments that might be new to you but Don’t feel afraid or ashamed of them.

A new baby rocks and brings so much joy in everyone’s life. But, a new mom rocks too! Well… She rocks in a different way. She goes through an emotional roller-coaster ride.
Since our first bond with my baby, I shed tears of joy so many times. Initially, our nursing sessions were quite challenging as we faced latching issues & sore nipples… until one day it just became so easy and natural.

As the weeks passed, we both synced in together. The baby would crawl up to me and latch on so well. We cuddle & play together like monkeys and drift off to dreamland.

With time, the bond strengthened. And the day we had to call it “Stop”, It was hard for me. I wasn’t prepared to say bye to the experiences of bonding on such a basal level with my baby, and the joy it brought to me. The bond we shared over our nursing sessions was quite incredible. But, like all good things, this had to come to an end too, and it did.

Motherhood brings excitement, worries & fierce protection for little ones. I used to panic if any scratch appears on my baby skin, so think how cautious  I was? With so many thoughts in mind most of the time I face difficulty while selecting his necessity with quality products. So much in mind.
I always wanted to have safe & chemical free products. I have done a lot of Research about it from ‘n’ no.of sites. Finally, I found the best Brand “Mother Sparsh Wipes”. You cannot deny the goodness after usage of these wipes as it becomes a necessity for baby and mom. I have been using it for long now and it definitely protects and pampers my baby’s skin.

Mother Sparsh wet wipes are India’s only #FirstWaterWipes that is Biodegradable wipes with 0% Polyester made up of 98% water wipes with 100% viscose fabric which is breathable and highly absorbent. Mother Sparsh not only cleans baby skin but will also hydrate it with natural skin hydrating ingredients like glycerin, Aloe Vera, green tea leaf extract. The wipes are Hypoallergenic so that it doesn’t irritate your skin instead it cleanses sensitive skin without causing uneasiness, allergy, and infections.


What is your #FirstTimeMom story love to hear it?

35 thoughts on “#FirstTimeMom is a Blessing

  1. That is such an heart warming portrayal of emotions. Absolutely loved your first time mom story. Also, being an adult I have switched to Mother Sparsh too because of its quality.

  2. Being a first time mom is a great feeling. I can completely relate to your post. It is the best thing in the world which changes you forever.

  3. Being a mom is truly an amazing experience..first time or second its different everytime just that you learn from experience. I too use mothersparsh wipes..they are super gentle and i love it

  4. Becoming a mom is a beautiful feeling and a true blessing that only a mom can understand. From first cry to first crawl to first step everything is just so beautiful.. Mother sparsh has really understood this feeling so well. Their wipes are definitely safe for babies

  5. Loved the blog, I was so able to relate to each and every point mentioned, the whole bit is just amazingly written and yes, the day when one comes to know that they are going to be a parent isn’t less than as if a prayer is been answered.

  6. I recently wrote about my experience being a first time mom and the wipes as well! Being a mom for the first time is a mixed bag..there’s so much excitement but nervousness as well. One has to be so wary of products one uses. It was comforting to use Mother Sparsh wipes knowing it is chemical free!

  7. Being a first ime mom is definitely theost precious feeling and if its daughter.. I think it’s even more special.. Btw even i have used mother sparsh and it’s amazing

  8. This is the most beautiful feeling ever. Those little hands when they hold your thumb, Omg! I consider my daughter a gift from god. Extremely grateful that I am the mother of this beautiful little princess.

  9. Become first time mom is a blessing itself. Love the post and your experience as a first time mom. Mother Sparsh wipes are really good

  10. The experience of being a first time mom is simply divine as you are creating life itself. Though a great experience it is also filled with nervousness. Right care and quality products make all the difference.

  11. I have been using mother sparsh from past 2-3 months. It is actually a reliable and totally baby safe product. Loved the way you have written your first time experience.

  12. Being a mom is itself a blessing ….and when you are first time mom it’s like being perfect and giving best for your kids health and skin

  13. That first moment when you see your baby after an excruciatingly painful labour is definitely priceless! Thanks for sharing your journey,

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