Mom’s Kitchen

Pizza Samosa

I think Monsoon is incomplete without Samosa treat. Rain and Samosa have been around for centuries all the way from the Middle East to India.

Summer Coolers

Sun is shining hard and sucking all energy from the body. Whats required most is a cool beverage in summer.  Usually, we avoid to eat much but want to quench the thirst with something refreshing.

Beat the Heat with Ice-creams


Summer vacation going on and the demands of my kids are going on the higher side.  Muffins, cake and brownie are sinful desserts my kids and hubby love and I bake because I love them.

Chocolate Fudge Cake with Roasted Nuts

A sumptuous meal is always incomplete without dessert. Don’t you agree?
“I’m not a vegetarian! I’m a dessertarian”, a famous quote of Fernando Pessoa perfectly tells the feelings of Indians.

Lets celebrated Love month February with something uniquely sweet. Kuch meetha ho jaye , how’s about mouth-watering recipe Matar ki kheer. yes, you heard it right Matar ki kheer.

Chocolate Lolipop

CHOCOLATES are everyone favourite treat – what kid and what adult. No one can say no to chocolate.m My daughter has lot of holidays now and we are planning for children party at home. So we are preparing for it.


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