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Give back to society

Hi beautiful readers,

Have you thought of giving back to society. Society has given us so much name, fame,love ,relation but what have you give back to society?

Yesterday I met a lady who is my daughter’s friends mother and she is came  my home to collect old books , not for her kids but for unprivileged child ,who do work at construction sites. I was quite unable to understand that with responsibility of her own kid, how she manage but when she proved that where there is will there is way. She said that she take her daughter along and her daughter also teach kids although she is in 3rd class only and can teach at least alphabet ,varnmala. She described how her daughters attitude and way towards life really changes by helping and sharing .

You can actually see the change in your kid as they will see other children are deprived of clothes,books,shoes,toy . They will now value their own things more and demand less.

As a parent I am surely going to take my kid there to learn how can we give back to society . Happiness is giving back not in holding back. This is one of the way to enlarge the concept of humanity ,love,care ,no wastage and excepting everyone with open arms.

I am so glad to be surrounded by the people who are one or other way trying to contribute in society. Contribution start from home , I learnt this gratitude from my father. He feed poor hungry people and take needy patient to hospital ,provide proper treatment

And my youngest cousin Richie who is Rich by his soul too . He never remain behind when it’s time to be generous.
my sister to believe in Dasvandh or Dasaundh, literally means a “tenth part” and refers to the practice among Sikhs of contributing in the name of the Guru one-tenth of their earnings towards the common resources of the community. This is also referred to in Punjabi as “Daan” literally “giving” or “contributing” in charity. She contribute his earning for providing free education or clothes for needy one.

Last year I met a lady kanchan bhattacharya in social media , she was using her profile not only for her business but also try to do help to people sitting in front of govt hospital waiting for treatment. She ask for contribution and collected woolen clothes from my home and collected food,clothes , necessary item and distribute among them. So nice gesture through social media.

Taking time and doing good for needy people. I surely want my child to learn to give back to society so I will take her where my friend teaching unprivileged children. I am sure she will be happy to be teacher and get new friends. Education will remain forever with them and help them for betterment of life.

Give back to society does not mean you have to contribute in donation/money . I believe in helping with my heart and spreading happiness by my act.

Friends have you ever given back to society ? Are you making your kid understand concept of giving back to society?

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  1. We do charities and my son understands what it is to help the needy and under-privelidged. We send clothes, medicines and some toiletries for homeless people and try to help as much as we can.

  2. I too love the idea of giving back to the society in whatever possible manner. Sometimes if we don’t get idea on what can be done, an article like this showcasing various activities that are done definitely inspires one to also do more for society, by giving back.

  3. i believe in this myself. it’s so impt to give back to the society. in fact, just 3 days before we donated 2 boxes of clothes to prison children. if there are opportunities in Bangalore, pls let me know how I can contribute.

  4. wonderful post..I always try to help the people who are in need. I ask my kid to give others always. There is nothing bigger than sharing. It can be your wealth, your happiness and your sorrow too. I believe as a mother its my responsibility to teach him the ultimate life lessons.

  5. This is so nice to know that there are people around who are really giving back society what they earned from them…Hats off to your cousin too

  6. I don’t belive in giving to society if we always give they become lazy give them work give them respect so they can also feel equal

    1. Dear, I mentioned giving education and who sit outside for their number in hospitals, child good in studies but poor financial condition. I think they need help and we should do something for them

  7. Amazing stories , only a life lived for others is worth living…good deeds always comes back to you its law of nature. Like ur blogs …inspiring!!

  8. I appreciate it. I think charity means you are not living only for your family . You are the part of this society and having care of them . Keep doing.

  9. Its all because of people like these and yourself this world is a better place,great intiative and outstanding blog…keep it up

  10. Thanks Gurjeet,
    For sharing these inspirational stories.
    Which are not only inspiring but to make us think That our little efforts can bring smile on many faces.
    It takes so little to make big difference in the society . God bless u!

  11. Wow, very well written and very Inspiring. You are a fine example of an extraordinary human being and I am sure an amazing mum too. God bless the work you do and keep inspiring more people like you have inspired me with this post. Wishing you god speed.

  12. appreciable work, keep it work, when we do good, kids automatically learn from us… keep posting such inspiring stories….

  13. Wonderful blog gurjeet. Yes i also believe in contributing to society. By celebrating birthday or any special events by feeding or distributing something to poors. On our uncles death we feed poor kids & distributed books to them on 12th day ritual, Instead of spending on rich or relatives.

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