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Hair Accessory In The Early 20th Century

                     The History of the Vintage Hair Accessory

When it comes to the early 20th century, women took their accessories very seriously. Women considered their hair an important part of their overall look and added beautiful accessories to their ever-changing hairstyles to add more impact.

While hair accessories are no longer as in vogue now as they were in the past, they are still a simple way to completely upgrade your style. Take a page from the past and add these amazing vintage hair accessories into your everyday wardrobe for a beautiful, timeless look.

Hair Combs
In the early 1900s, women often wore their long hair in stylish updos. During this century’s earliest decades, glamorous hair combs were added to beautiful hairstyles to help hold up the look while also adding visual interest. While hair combs could certainly be simple and understated, luxurious and decadent looks were still very much in style during this period.

Elements like tortoise shell, ivory, bone, and precious metals were used to create intricate and eye-catching designs that often mimicked organic shapes found in nature. Feathers were also very much on-trend and were used to amp up looks on special occasions.

Flapper Headbands

In the 1920s, hairstyles changed greatly. For the first time in modern history, women were cutting their hair short and donning stylish bobs. Because the styles were shorter, women needed to find different ways to add adornment to their hair.

flapper headband

It’s for this reason that flappers opted for headbands and other accouterments that complimented their cropped hairstyles. Art Deco inspired headbands encircled their heads and created an iconic style that is frequently mimicked today. These accessories were often dotted with crystals, pearls, or feathers to add increased detail.

Egyptian influence also inspired various hair accessories during this era. Its for this reason that jewel-encrusted skull caps rose to popularity. These statement accessories were often only worn on special occasions, but were highly stylized and made a definite statement when paired with the daring dresses of this period.

Veiled Hats


In the 1930s and 1940s, hair accessories were more popular than ever. While hats had always been in style, this era saw a greater variety of hair accessories and head coverings than ever before. Hats with netted veils are a vintage hair accessory that was extremely popular during this time. Often seen in movies from this era, these accessories added an air of refinement an class to every outfit.


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  1. When I read Victorian books I do come across the terms like flapper headbands and veiled hats but I never gave it a thought. Thanks for this post bcz the next time I come across a vintage word like these I will Kno what it means. These are some uber cool fashion. Some are even revamped these days.

  2. Love the retro hair looks u have shared.. for me as a photographer I can always refer back to this post when I have a retro themed shoot.. much love

  3. They made such beautiful accessories back then! I am a bit of a nut for such embellishments, I especially loved the veiled hats and flapper headbands

  4. I think these vintage fashion are coming again in fashion. I love the headbands and I love veil on hat design. We have spotted Kate Middleton wearing such a hat. It gives a royal look.

  5. Hair accessories give complete look to your attire & makeup! Looking at the accessories of 20th century i feel we have advanced so much and created so many unique & lovely designs with passing years. Love the way you displayed 20th centurys hair accessories.

  6. Such a ‘vintage ‘ write-up.. it was so fascinating to know about the 20th century hair-does! Am totally in love with vintage accessories!

  7. I have always been fascinated with vintage jewellery and today after reading your article; I have fallen for vintage hair accessories too…wonderfully written !!

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