Adventure Island – Havelock

A most awaited ‘Hi’ to all beautiful people.

Summer is knocking our doors and kids are knocking us for the adventure trip to enjoy their vacations.

Well, I am also a mother of two and had taken them on the most blissful adventurous place in the world in ‘Andaman Islands – Havelock and Neil Island’.  Each and every activity at this place will attract you to feel the exotic essence of beautiful mother nature.

Andaman is an Island situated at the archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. And, do you know the place alone has 300 islands? Yes, you can get pal, lined coastline, white sand beaches to the sultry and swampy rainforest. When it comes to adventure, the place has huge adventure starting from banana boat rides, snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, undersea walking, jet skiing, speed boating, seaplane ride and swimming with the Elephant.

According to the atmosphere there, the best time to visit Havelock and Neil Island is in the month of October to February.

Journey From Portblair to Havelock

We had done our Journey to Havelock by a Government ferry from Port Blair. Its always recommended booking your ship/ferry tickets through an agent or through Grahak Sewa Kendra because of the reservation for Govt. Ferries are not available online, but the options of the private cruise are available for online booking and those are more than 50% higher the rate of Govt. Ferry rate.  Further, it is advised to book the first ferry in the early morning.  By doing that you can utilize that day at the destined beach and you will get fantastic water clarity for water sports in the morning time.  The government ships are well maintained and have adequate numbers of ACs in every cabin of the ship. They also serve tea and coffee but it is paid.  One trip will take around 2 hours to reach Havelock Island. Our Captain was so kind that he allowed us to sit on the front deck to enjoy the panoramic beauty of the sea. Water around us makes me feel that I am moving with waves. The thrill to go to one among the foremost stunning places on earth was visible in every passenger’s eyes. The glimpse of the island was attractive.

Welcome to Havelock

When we landed on Havelock island, we can clearly see crystal clear water and that make us more excited. Our travel agent has arranged our pick up & drop to our resort. At Havelock auto rickshaws, taxis, buses, motorbikes are available for local transport. The STS Department has also introduced two AC Deluxe bus at Havelock Island for local transportation.

I was super thrilled when I saw my Resort- Havelock Country Homes. It was so beautiful and mesmerized. All room are made of wooden planks, in front of our room was a swimming pool. We just relaxed that day and enjoy the cool environment of the resort. You can see our giggles, my kids are not willing to come out of the pool.

Havelock Island is known for a beachcombing, sunbathing, scuba diving, sea walk, snorkeling, surfing, swimming, game fishing, watching the sunset or sunrise, sailing. I am dying to experience the scuba diving and I can’t hold my excitement to do scuba diving.

Scuba Diving Experience

In the morning we have decided to do Scuba diving as with two kids one parent has to be with kids so I went to try scuba diving. Exploring nature is a meditation in itself. The sensation of power that you just expertise rejuvenates your inner self again. It’s sort of a dream you do not wish to arouse up from swimming with a shoal of bream, plants tickling your body with the smallest touch and the limitless vision of water all around you.

It was my First water drive so super excited. Scuba diver does not take me in deep water. Before that, they have given me fifteen minutes of training for it. Scuba diving is not difficult, you just have to follow the instructions and instructor are there all the time which help you in any difficulty. But believe me, for scuba diving you should try out Neil Island much better than Havelock.

Radha Nagar Beach

In the evening we headed to Radha Nagar beach. It’s Asia’s No. one beach and ranks among high ten within the world. The beach enlights you and it best for swimming and enjoying wavy waters. Pure white sand and beauty mesmerize me so much that I want to spend more time on the beach. We carried along beach playing set, my both kids are busy making sand castles. Security Guard does not allow anyone after 5 pm on the beach.

Elephant Beach

Then we head towards our Resort, rest there and again gear up for next beach that is Elephant Beach. Elephant beach can be reached either by trekking or on a speedboat from Havelock jetty. The speedboat takes 20 mins   Here we did snorkeling, snorkeling is a very popular water activity here. 

Its not over , more to come. I will share one more Tale Of Neil Island in the next post.

April 1, 2019

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