A Pandemic, Hope and The Festival Of Colours- Holi

Vibrant Streaks Across Grey Skies

A Pandemic, Hope and The Festival Of Colours

The Spirit Of Holi

The vibrancy of colours is something that brings in a lot of positivity in our lives and Holi being the festival of colours is a day worth rejoicing. Holi is a famous Hindu festival that is celebrated in every part of India with utmost joy and enthusiasm.

It is the festival of colours and the joy surrounding its arrival every year is symbolic of the hope, love and unity of community it has come to signify for the Indian society. Today, people forget all their sadness and meet so that they can connect and rekindle bonds of love. On the day of Holi people play with colours with their friends and families and in the evening they show love and respect to their close ones with Abeer.

Holi is considered one of the most celebrated Indian festivals and it is revered with pomp and joy in almost every part of the country. This great Indian festival lasts for a whole day and night, from the night of Purnima in the month of Falgun. The ritual starts by lighting up the bonfire one day before the day of Holi and this process symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. The main festival is preceded by the “Choti Holi”, followed by Holi the day after.

And Holi is not merely about this. It is also about friends and relatives coming together, reconnecting lost ties and severed bonds. Its also where people see the best in each other on a day signified by joy. There are smiles all around and people forget their worries.

Sudden Changes And Lasting Consequences

However, the past year has brought about a lot of changes. The coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic has brought the world to a halt. The year 2020 has seen millions getting affected across the globe by the disease. Festivals are no longer the same either, not because they are any less desirable or deserving of celebrations and pompadour, but rather because we have had to change how we show affection, appreciation and celebration of community events. The most obvious change has been the lack of human touch. The virus being highly contagious has found its favourite means of spread in the form of human touch and as a result, all national and international health ministries have asked people to maintain physical and social distance from each other.

Redefining “Together”holi in pandemic

Those familiar with Holi know that touch is an integral part of this festival of colours and love. We can no longer smear our relatives and friends like we did the previous years. Things have gone remote and online. With all of this distance between us, it is okay to feel disconnected, like the festival isn’t as “festive” as it was the previous years. However, it’s not okay to let those feelings of disconnect fester and rightly so, the communities adapted. Events were held online and the love was shared. People celebrated their respective gatherings and festivities through conferencing calls and stayed in touch through a little something called the Internet.

Kuch Meetha ho jayeApple Gujiya filling

Festival is partial without homemade sweets. Try out new recipe and enjoy every bite of delicacy.
Holi is incomplete without thandai , gujiya, papad. I remember My mom, sister , I use to make gujiya at home and even papa use to entertain us with jokes in between.
Aroma of gujiya use to fill the home. We are so much tempted with crispy layer of gujiya and aroma that we have it before holi.

Yes, This year kids will surely miss that colourful wet holi with friends. This year festivities were muted, but they weren’t non-existent. There were a lot of event organisers who offered their services on online platforms and whole pujas were experienced online. As a result, the businesses surrounding the festival survived too. Holidays become an opportunity to add a little more meaning to the daily grind. We use them to reconnect with the people who are most important to us. But a lot of things we’ve come to cherish about the holidays may need to be modified this year.

Yes being together isn’t as straightforward as it used to be. However, the festive spirit survives. Play holi with Family , this years its important to stay safe rather than smearing colours on each other.

Happy Holi , spread colours in your life with your smile. Let the spirit of Holi doesn’t Die in this pandemic situation.

March 25, 2021

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