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Women’s Day: Let’s Begin The Journey To Love Yourself

Someone once rightly quoted,
“Behind every successful woman is herself!”

One can agree or cannot agree more but, a woman is complete in herself. Today is a day of complete awakening of women to feel absolutely beautiful in their own skin and soul. You have all the rights to love yourself first than anyone else. Through all these hustle-bustle days, have we ever taken out a moment to celebrate ourselves? No? Right? But, we should because it’s our time and we must raise a toast to it!

So, dear women and my friends, appreciate yourself for the courage you’ve shown throughout your life. It really takes courage to have an internal shift and change yourself when it is necessary, to leave love when you feel it’s scary, to chase your dreams at the cost of other important counterparts, to keep going on and on with tenacity no matter what circumstances beheld you and yet you strived to seamlessly swallow bitter words of the people in the environment and pull off a wide smile. Oh yes, you do hold the world together girl! But, you shouldn’t do this when everything is pointing your self-respect/love.

Instead, applaud yourself every single day for the confidence you’ve been carrying on your shoulders all along. To be bold in what you want and taking a step to achieve it and realising your potential. For those women out there, today is the beginning of anything you want. You’ve been tenacious and tried along the way in your life.

American singer and most powerful lady Beyoncé quotes, “Sometimes it’s okay to lose. And you’re never too good to lose. You’re never too big to lose. You’re never too smart to lose.It happens, and it happens when it needs to happen. And you have to embrace those things.”


So women, sit in your power. All that is yours will come to you!

Remember, not to ever worry if anyone else likes you. The real question is, do you like you? The chronic ambition that you’ve undergone is contagious and has inspired millions of other women. So keep hustling in your fearless glow and enjoy growing.

Have you ever noticed the number of times you’ve been extremely humble to the people around you? Yes, you are a deep person and have never lived selfishly. Your world revolved around the people in your life and you have already realised in life that, life isn’t all just about you. You do rather celebrate the accomplishments of others and empower everyone along your way. Today is the day when you must be so proud of yourself for working hard in the background, always and let your success speak for itself. For loving yourself and inspiring another woman to love themselves is what you can start doing from this Women’s Day.

Remember the love you’ve been imparting to others all along? Your touch, smile and inner joy and vitality have touched millions of hearts. When you love yourself the most, you have boundless love to give others. Who you are in real or internally is the marker of your inspiration on the world. But first of all, appreciate yourself for being you. After all, there is no one like you.

So, while you are all set and on the go to conquer the world and embrace it with your loving arms, just remind yourself daily, on repeat, that:You are amazing.

You can do anything!

Celebrate your individuality.

You are prepared to succeed.

Believe in yourself.

Yes, you’ve got this!

P.S. May you catch yourself saying this a lot this year.

“Wow! I believed that this would happen and it’s actually happening’.

Happy Women’s Day!

21 thoughts on “Women’s Day: Let’s Begin The Journey To Love Yourself

  1. I think we should celebrate ourselves everyday. And get some time for self-love. As being Indian women we missed out this the most

  2. Words written like a woman who knows her worth. It’s good to see you put your thoughts out with confidence.

  3. We women have that super power to manage everything from work, kids to life. We have got it and can do anything. Great article.

  4. Women need to realize their own potential and power and wait for no other recognition or acknowledgment. They are second to none and can forge their own way forward and show the world the path .

  5. Such a lovely and inspiring article. Yes behind every successful woman is her work, self confidence and sacrifices.

  6. Happy Women’s Day dear.. Appreciate yourself, love yourself is really important. And also I completely agree with the quote that ‘Behind every successful women is herself’. Nice write-up

  7. That is an apt quote for Women’s Day! We need to love ourselves and appreciate the things that make us unique. Wish you a Happy Women’s Day!

  8. Self-love is extremely important. It is necessary to put yourself first. Loved reading this article. You have written it fantastically.

  9. I totally agree with the quote shared by you. Nothing is as important as self-care. It is highly important to stay positive and happy. Happy international women’s day

  10. I so agree with that quote- “Behind every successful woman is herself!”. I really love your content. Women should love their self first. And seek happiness within. Happy women’s day

  11. Happy women’s day! Appreciating ourselves is a necessity. Our self-effacing nature is the only thing that keeps us back from achieving great success.

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