NO shave November

As soon as calendar hits 1st Nov, memes, posts and all the hype about NO SHAVE November rises up but have you ever wondered what it is about and how it all started. So, lets read ahead and learn what NO SHAVE November is all about!

How It All Started?

To start with, it began as an idea for growing moustache for raising awareness about prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention in men.

It started as a personal fundraiser and awareness by children of Matthew Hill, who died of colon cancer in 2007 and this campaign got started in 2009 to raise awareness and funds for charity.cause of no shave november is donation

The main theme was to get men put down their razors and embrace their hair that patients under chemotherapy loses.

How to Participate?

The rules are pretty simple:

Put down your razor for a month and let your beard , moustache grow, and donate all the monthly maintenance charges to the organisation NO SHAVE NOVEMBER.

If you have a work ethic code then trims and minimum grooming are fine.

Hype about NO SHAVE November

With all of us being now more conscious about cancer awareness, its important for men to also look at their health.

The movements since they started (2009) have evolved into a full blown health campaign, raising awareness for not only prostate but all types of cancer and side by side give them a chance to grown an amazing moustache or channel their inner Viking.

With this campaign, it also paved ways for other discussions over men’s health that were otherwise too difficult too address, it can be low testosterone and sexual dysfunction to psychological health.

The movements have gained a great support and garnered huge attention on social media and they continue to improve annual shave november

The outcome has been that more and more men and people in general are now forthcoming about their issues and ready to discuss them. In our society or the mindset, we are living with, men are supposed to be indifferent to pains, emotions and psychological issues but this movement have bridged the generation gap we are living with.

Ask yourself between your brother, friend or someone from your generation and a person with older generation, like your grandfather, wo have a stoic nature, who will be more open to notion of going to a doctor. Our grandfathers will probably think of of that illness as a vulnerability and men aren’t vulnerable or so were, we taught.

This movement, this hype broke the taboo that surrounded men health in general and barrier of generation perception.

Although over these years, this campaign of NO SHAVE November has lost its true purpose as many of us are still unaware of the real reason behind this hype. Today students participate because of its trend and comfort because who doesn’t like to be lazy.

When Octobers are dedicated to awareness about breast cancer. It says it all and we women gets a lot more attention on such sensitive issues but NO SHAVE November doesn’t garner enough support from the opposing genders . The stats state well maybe because its more because of a trend than for a cause.

November although gives experimenting enthusiasts a great opportunity to try new things, something riskier with their beards or hair, listen because November is the time Dude.

As our Moms love the clean shaven looks, NO SHAVE November is as vile as their children phones for them.

This day isn’t only about trends and awareness although, its about celebrating you being a guy, getting comfortable in your own skin and being proud of you who you are however you are.

How you can show your support?

Other than not shaving for a month and all, you can also raise awareness by throwing a party guy. Get your male gang from the community together, keep a moustache contest, Beard contest, ask donations and what not.

You can also have your female supporters draw some moustache and have fun.


NO SHAVE November, so all in end it comes to the fact that no gender is invulnerable and we all once in a while need to express ourselves and celebrate who we are with a cause that’s genuine and needs awareness.

November 20, 2020


  1. Raghav Dudeja says: November 21, 2020 at 6:39 pm

    Loved your take on indulgence of opposite gender. Also, when I came across this trend I was told it had something to do with soldiers who couldn’t groom during wartime?

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