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#PARTY word itself make our ear and eyes go wide. Party word bring thought of music, dance, lip smacking food, crowd, ambiance. Party is the word that always uplift our mood. We love to attend or host parties celebration either small occasion or grand occasion because they show our happy / celebrating mood and we want to celebrate with all. It’s new year Eve how can it go without BOOM, saying bye bye to 2017 and welcoming with open arms 2018. We always want our party to be unique, full of fun, and to leave memorable remarks into everyone heart . What make party different is it’s THEME . Yes, you heard it right themes that capture our attraction, making party glitter .


The Retro Partyretro party theme

This is one of the most popular party theme ideas. The Bollywood retro style decor will include disco lights and bright colour. the attire should include polka dotted shirts with large collar, chunky pendants and bell bottoms. the Dev Anand style scarves and large framed glasses can be a hangout to guests and of course ,don’t forget filmy music. This out of the box appearance will make you look so bright in the party .Girl can try retro styles and accessories. 

Masquerade partyprecious you

This theme is most fun loving . Masked in mystery and draped in decadence, a masquerade ball is nothing short of magical. Disguise yourself with mask. Mask is the attraction of the party .This theme need to enforce a dress code as well as a mandatory must be masked rule.

Masquerade balls date back to Venice, Italy in the 15th century at the beginning of the Renaissance movement where art, beauty and the imagination reigned.

Glitter Partyglitter party

New year eve should be shining and glittering. Sparkling attire and sparkling decoration set the mood bright. Do not you feel like to twinkle like a shinning star from head to toe . Sprinkle glitter and sequins on tables and counter tops. This theme required special attention regarding cake , decoration and ambiance.

Blow in Glow partyglow party theme

Party at night has different charm and if a glowing neon colour catch your attraction ,then its nothing new . Blow with a glow. Its fun when you see only neon faces in deep dark room. Lots of thing come to make your party glow , try out things like glow glasses, hair gel, body ink, glow stick .

Get some neon or glow in the dark face paint and let your friends go wild with it. go crazy with your creative and paint your face like a butterfly, or  polka dotted , more neon more fun in your party.
Lets make party little fun with highlighters (yellow, orange, green and pink glow best) lets colour each other shirt with your crazy drawing and have last gift of the  year .
Have Everyone sign a special shirt for the guest of honor. What’s say?


Happy New Year guys in Advance


PC: Google and Unsplash

December 31, 2017

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  1. Inderjeet Singh says: February 16, 2018 at 10:20 am

    This post is really meant for me as party animal. I am always in search of ideas. love the last one glow party.

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