Reasons Why Kids Get Tooth Decay

kid tooth decay

There are many reasons why children seem to be more prone to tooth decay than adults. Poor oral hygiene, incorrect brushing techniques and a diet that is high in sugar are just three possible reasons.

Many parents make the mistake of letting their children’s dental health take a backseat in comparison to other health-related matters. Just because children will grow a second set of teeth in their later childhood years, the habits they learn now will set their dental routines for the rest of their lives and believe it or not, children can lose their milk teeth due to decay before their adult teeth arrive.

Providing they are taught the essentials of tooth care and oral hygiene at home and visit an experienced dentist for kids for regular check-ups, there’s no reason in the world why their teeth cannot fall out naturally instead of as a result of dental decay or a dental procedure. Below you will see a list of some of the reasons kids suffer from dental decay. They are relatively easy to correct but you will need time and patience resulting in good dental habits that come as second nature.

Some Of The Reasons Children Are Prone To Tooth Decay

Please see below for just a few of the reasons children are prone to tooth decay. If you require any further information, the best course of action would be to ask your child’s paediatric dentist.

  • A Diet High In Sugar– As previously mentioned, sugar is a major contributory factor to the onset of tooth decay and as we all know children are generally notorious for their sweet tooth. Confectionery such as chews and lollipops have a high sugar content and if consumed on a regular basis will impact upon dental health. Fizzy drinks and juices marketed to children are also high in sugar even though some of them are promoted as healthy drinks. Keep your child’s intake of carbonated drinks and sweets to a minimum, once a week for example. Look for sugar free alternatives wherever possible.

Diet high in sugar

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  • Brushing HabitsAlthough most children are taught to brush their teeth correctly, their brushing should be supervised up to the age of 6/7 years old. If you are not there to keep an eye on them, they will rush the task and basically not do it properly. After all, there are about million things more exciting than teeth cleaning for young children.
  •  Dental Check UpsSurprisingly, a high proportion of children in Australia do not visit a dentist until a problem or pain occurs. If dental decay is detected early enough it can be treated quickly and easily. Your dentist may recommend fluoride treatment if your child is prone to tooth decay despite adopting good dental habits. child get tooth decay                                                                                      Image Source: Pexels

     It’s never too early to instill good dental habits into your children. As soon as they have teeth, they should be made aware that keeping them clean is an essential daily task. When your child has a full set of teeth it is time to make an appointment to see a kid’s dentist.

October 14, 2019

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