Siblings are the best blessing of God. You never get short of a person/partner to tease,  play, care, fight, support and to see a strengthen bad times. At times sibling themselves feel like they are being cursed to have a sibling when some fighting become more of a stretch. They keep on finding the reason to blackmail on your secrets. Securing your things like a treasure from each other. Sneak peak what your sibling up to but we are miss these pros and cons once the shade of adulthood covers the head of us.

A very in-common joke adult (sibling) use to crack on the younger ones that ‘Parents bought/picked you up from a garbage bin as you were crying a lot there that your original parents left u due to your cranky behavior and that is why our mom and dad too don’t love u more’. These venerable phases of life will it with spices of life which we agree is the perfect mixture of happy life.

I too have two monster siblings in my family who keep on pulling my leg even after 10 years of my marriage and cheery on the cake are my two kids too. They don’t miss a single chance to tease me. I remember in my school days my brother never complete his homework and always make puppy face that he is going to get scolded by the teacher, then always convince me to feel pity and emotional force to complete his work. I use to make late night chit-chats on kitchen slab with my sister while making Maggie during our college days, crush and what not. I miss the old days.  She was my secret keeper and soul sharer. She brings out the hidden craziness in me which I always used to shade up due to the eldest of them and under my cover of sincerity, my younger was always full of craziness in life.

My brother is younger one amongst three siblings but he acts as an elder brother who guides, secure us.  Now he teases me with its long height.


The journey from My siblings to My kid’s Siblings Stories

These emotions of love I can see in my kids too. My daughter is 8 year whereas my son is just 2 year but their love, fight, care amazes me every time and recalled me of my time with my siblings.
 little one is so fond of his sister that he does not want to leave her for a second. He wants to do whatever her sister is doing. If she is sleeping he will go and lay on her, try to climb on her to wake up. If she is wearing a hairband, he wants to wear it too. Eating from her hand and plate is the daily course of his routine. In the morning he wakes up early than her and wakes her sister. He is on a schedule to go for dropping his sister to her school van and goes in school van along with her and does not want to come out. Most innocent and cute thing they both does is whenever a courier box come. My little champ sits inside and my daughter pushes it like cart all in the house.

I think having only one child make him/her more pampering but along with that, it will miss the concept of sharing whereas sharing and having other as the partner is the lovely concept which comes automatically in sibling affairs.


Here is my journey from my sibling to my kids (siblings) bond. What is your “Khaata meetha rishte” with your sibling? let’s have some comment fall-in let us cherish the most beautiful moments of our life.

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  1. It’s a beautiful post. That brings out each and every sweet and salty moment spent with our siblings and what our kids share together. Loved reading it.

  2. The best part about having a sibling is you can always count on them irrespective of all the love hate relationship they have!

  3. siblings are a true blessing and during rakhi and bhai dooj I seem to miss a sibling the most! Being a single child means – no default friend!

  4. Sibling love is really a blessing and special. If they fight and argued, its normal. But its not mean that they do not love each other.

  5. Sibling love is truelg a blessing. Everyone is not lucky to have that love in life. As people grow old they develop ego and in that ego relations go for a toss. You have shared very touching story.

  6. Relationship with siblings is just different and unique from any other relations that we have it’s probably one of the purest bond we share with someone, loved the blog I totally agree with each and every point mentioned

  7. Relationship between siblings is special and unique. They can have fun time together and can fight over a petty issue the very next moment. But such memories are precious forever.

  8. Siblings teach us a lot in our lives.. how to share, how to care, how to adjust! Having siblings is a blessing!

  9. Sibling love is always special and precious. They fight, they argue, get mad at each other. Sometimea even think why they have a sibling? But everything falls short in front of their lives and care for each other.

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