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I was sitting outside in my balcony in evening with cup of green tea loving the weather. Cold breeze is playing with my hairs and kissing my cheeks. This weather is rolled back me to my college days, the days rolled back to the day when I had first fallen in love…

“Where the mind is without fear, and the head is held high”, I cant forgot those Golden days which brighten up my life
we first meet at our common friend Priya’s birthday. At that time I had not thought that the eye catch in the very first meeting with turn into lifetime bonding. He is captivating with my eyes . Firstly I ignored him but he kept inquiring Priya about me. Priya arranged the next meeting of  us. I don’t know how and why i exchanged contact numbers to each other.  Further another clueless situation comes in front of me that I found myself sailing in Sameer’s love boat. When you are waiting to here something and suddenly you got a change to hear that, is always a wonderful moment of life. Finally the day came and he very confidently approached me with marriage proposal.

when I was in my fantasy suddenly phone rang and break my fantasy world..

It was my dream hero Sameer , who want me to look as pretty as I first met him .

“I will be ready within no time but I guess you would make us late, since you are still not home” I commented.

“Ah! Stop pulling my legs and start with your work otherwise we will certainly get late.” HE chuckled.

“Yes Sir, over and out” and we hung up. So, I had to wait for him to pick me up from home.
He requested me to wear Red as he say I look his dream girl in it.

I smiled back to myself. He always made me feel awesome. I loved the feeling of smelling the essence of his presence even when he was not around me.

He has a surprise but not disclosing it.

I got dressed in a red sari with light jeweleries, made a bun to accommodate my hair neatly with curled locks, lined my eyes with kohl, a light shade of eye shadow, light lipstick and there I was looking complete in the attire. There was still much time left for the party to begin. I knew he would never be late. Finished with all the household chores of the day

I was just waiting in balcony feeling the breeze, suddenly  I saw Sameer’s car rushing home. I open the door and he kiss me and ask me to stay in balcony.

In balcony he held me  boutique of red roses. My Mr.perfect caught me , by staring in his dark black eyes and he stares back into brown one . Then he moves one  his hands up  my right arm at the way up my neck and stops it under my chin. he lifts my chin up slightly and studies my face. then he smiles and look back into my eyes as he says, “you still look as pretty as when I saw you seen first time and fall in love with you” . I smile shyly and feel my cheeks and ears begin to heat up”. He is the only one who can make me blush,who can make me feel beautiful.

He then held me a glass of New TE-A-ME Ice BREW , and said TE-A-ME Ice Brew is a launch product which is just like our relation blend of different emotion blast of new flavours with each sip . It has mint green just refresh as our relation. Lychee sweetness that bond us. Wild berry sweet and sour moment of our life , Lemon tangy which keep our relation fresh and juicy and peach fruit of love that we have.

CHEERS …. to our relation with its new launch of Ice Brew.

Have you tried TE-A_ME Ice brew which is unique in its taste. Blend of fruits and herbs that refresh you.

10% discount available on on ice brew ranges.

Sample pack of ‘all flavours’ is also available to try before someone buy a specific flavour.  Isn’t it amazing?
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by Gurjeet Chhabra