Unite to Fight Against Covid-19


Currently, the world has come to a standstill by a single virus, named COVID 19, popularly known as CoronaVirus. All the parts of the world have been severely affected, and this has led to everyone staying at home. The virus has made countries to go for lockdowns extending for about 21 to 45 days. During these lockdowns, people who are forced to work from home are passing their time by indulging in all sorts of things that were otherwise either ignored or were not prioritized due to lack of time. Things that were taken for granted, family time, coffee breaks, hanging out with friends, dinner dates, etc. are now being missed.
The lockdown also has got people showcasing there talents or pursuing hobbies which were long forgotten -cooking, singing, working out, cleaning, dance and many more. It’s like watching a talent show in itself.

The best part about the lockdown, though, is the time spent by individuals on self reflection. The virus has really got people connecting more with themselves. Be it physically- keeping fit, regular skincare routines, healthy eating, or mentally – planning development, meditating.

But, Do you know this virus demands something?

Yes, Unity is what the need of the time. We should stand to fight against this. Well, by Unity, I’m not saying gather together and shout “GO Corona GO” but, it means Unity we fall, divided we stand theory.

With people being inside the safety of their homes, the roads are also much cleaner, the skies clearer and the water, pure.

This has turned out to be boon for Mother Nature and has given the time to recover and rejuvenate from all the pain and suffer that human beings have been bombarding it with. We may take a while to bounce back to normalcy post the lockdown as well. Not everything will go back to being the way before.

Time had witnessed before CoronaVirus and will also After Coronavirus. But the only hope remains that human beings maintain the positivity and value the relations after Coronavirus as well, that people do not take even the smallest thing for granted, that hobbies or activities started during the lockdown may  continue and that the corporate lifestyle doesn’t put an end to it. That people value stature and put in more effort towards protecting it.

As the famous saying goes, “Every cloud has a silver lining,” the virus, although dangerous and fatal, has taught a lot of good things to us. We can hope and pray that we find a cure soon – for the virus as well as Humanity, because “Being Human is given, but keeping Humanity is a personal choice”.

Lets fight against COVID-19 and Support Humanity

Contribute to PM fund:

We are citizen of India , we should contribute to save humanity. Its not one man show guys, we need to understand because of this virus we have fallen towards a huge financial crises. If countryman together join hands then It can safe many lives. I am not saying put all your saving but contribute a little that will do a lot.

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First time my hubby on social media share something and I am happy we have taken this step . Let's help our nation with little help of donation from our side. 🅳🅾🅽🅰🆃🅴 🆃🅾 🅿🅼 🅲🅰🆁🅴🆂 🅵🆄🅽🅳 NAME OF THE ACCOUNT: PM CARES IFSC CODE:SBIN0000691 SWIFT CODE: SBININBB104 NAME OF BANK & BRANCH: STATE BANK OF INDIA, NEW DELHI MAIN BRANCH UPI ID: pmcares@sbi https://www.pmindia.gov.in/ #donationsneeded #donationforcoronavirus #indiaagainstcorona #sharingiscaring #doitforstate #doitforyou #coronahelp #donationsappreciated #coronavirusdonation #pmrelieffund #reliefsociety #relieffund #charity #charitychallenge #charityfundraiser #changeisgood #changemakers #changetheworld #contributetonation #contributetosociety

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sharing the details to contribute on PM fund

UPI ID: pmcares@sbi

Be Kind On Staff:

Try to feel the pain and worry of staff who are worried that how they will manage this financial cries. How they will raise their family? Make your bonding with staff. Give them peace of mind stating that you will not hold or cut their salaries. It would be a best foot forward ,if any additional support can be extended to them at this point of time. It will be one step to fight against covid-19.

Social Media

There are not more best ways to use Social media . In place of sharing pictures and video of family , try to influence people to do and give back to the society.  Right now this is the biggest platform through which one can approach millions of people with thoughts and innovative ideas contribute to fight against covid-19. So to make the best use out of it, be a hero or savior for anybody with your kind thoughts and efforts.

Distribute food and any other kind of help that you can give to needy.contribute to fight against covid-19

I am happy that my society is contribute and feed to poor one or give sanitation kits. We can help our neighbors can help anyone needy. We can take care of street dogs and cats in our area. Life is too short to hate someone.

We all know in this amid lockdown we are at our homes. We don’t know how and when everything is going to be normal. When we are going back to our work, school, college, or to meet our friends, family members, neighborhood nothing is predicted. However, a few things are in our hands. That is, we can hope best for everyone, and we can pray that we will able to fight against  COVID-19 without impacting lives as compared to other countries.


April 24, 2020

7 Replies to “Unite to Fight Against Covid-19”

  1. Kinshoo Agrawal says: April 25, 2020 at 10:48 am

    Thank you for the positive post. Unity and understanding of the situation is sooo important at this time

  2. Roma says: April 25, 2020 at 6:44 am

    Can I agree more with you on this in fact I myself have written exhaustively on this in my series

  3. Ujjwal Mishra says: April 25, 2020 at 4:39 am

    Being considerate, understanding others point of view and be empathetic to all. Are the lessons for me in this COVID19 time. Insightful post.

  4. Sindhu Vinod Narayan says: April 25, 2020 at 2:51 am

    This is a great list of ways that we can help during the lockdown in ways we can. Thank you for sharing this

  5. Arushi Seth says: April 24, 2020 at 4:49 pm

    Lovely post. Yes it is the need of the hour to stand together and take care of those who need help. And we have to ensure we don’t have to go back to the normal where Mother Earth had stopped breathing.

  6. sundeep ananth dubey (www.rightpurchasing.com) says: April 24, 2020 at 10:50 am

    This is the need for this hour Gurjeet. I have also contributed my share towards the PM cares relief fund. A lovely Video message as well. Thanks for this informative and much needed message. Hope you are enjoying you A2Z 🙂

  7. Noor Anand Chawla says: April 24, 2020 at 10:43 am

    Yes we must all stand together in this fight. It has to be a collective effort. Great post!

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