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Valentine explosion box

                             Valentine Explosion Box

First of all,I like to thank Ms. Rashmi Singh  for lovely introduction of mine and passing the blogtrain to my Love station.
Love is in the air , February is all about showing love . It’s not that you can’t express your love in rest of the days,  but Valentine day and other occasions in this month make it particularly special. Of course on V day you want to express your love towards your Loved ones through gifts. I think the best and precious gift that one should exchange should be a handmade that express your love,hardwork and creativity. While making it, the person always remain in your mind for whom you are making it for.

More over it is far best then market gift which do big holes in pocket . I have just spend Rs. 270 in total. Rs. 170 for photos and Rs. 100 on sheets. I am creative bud who get self involved in one or another creations, due to which I have lots of decorative material at home which I used in here.

Today I bought Valentine explosive box for you which is can be made by using paper & photos only. I have taken Valentine theme ,you can make it for birthday, baby shower etc. You need not to be expert in drawing, painting or craft. Even my daughter enjoyed while making and responded amazingly with creation of its each part . Let’s began with  Boom box -explosive box.


Lets began with First step take 39cm sheet.  Draw each box of 13*13cm on white cartridge sheet. Make four corners of it heart shape.

Now fold each square , fold the heart from middle

It will start taking shape of box after folding all squares

One the back of box cut any colourful sheet with size of box that is 13*13 cm and paste it except heart shape means 4 square boxes.

Now cut heart shape and paste on white cartridge sheet given shape of heart.

Let make creative stuff for it.

Pop card
Take one cartridge sheet length 24 cm and width 12 cm.
Fold it from middle to make it card
Now from middle mark long strip of 7 cm , 4 cm , 4 cm and 7 cm

Now cut the mark with cutter.fold it like shown in pic.

Now cut two strip of 4cm and paste it on big strip

cover its back .
Cut lots of heart different size and colour and paste them on strip like this

And decorate the back cover too.

Swing card
Take 15cm*12cm then mark 5 and 7.5cm draw a straight line and find the center where it is mark 5cm and take 3.5cm in compass .draw a circle. Cut the circle with cutter but do not cut complete circle ,it should be joined to paper as shown in picture.

Swing card

Heart Triple Easrel Heart
Take black sheet of 12 cm and fold it half as to make card.Then make three different size hearts on another sheet and on now trace heart on black card sheet like picture.

Now follow this step as shown in pictures.

now play with origami

Squash card
Take three papers one black and two pink in colour of 20 cm each ,please follow as shown in video below

Heart Popup card
Make three heart one big size and 2 equal size. Then cut, as shown in image.

Slider Card
Take a sheet make a cut in between with cutter.Then cut heart shape on a glittering red paper. Cut in the middle of heart to make two pieces of one heart .One paste on one side of card and you can then attach the left half of the broken heart onto the rectangle strip on  back side .As shown in pic follow the step.

Now making second layer of box with 12*12cm . Cut like shown in picture

I love to add photographer as they are my beautiful memories in box . So let get creative with photographs too. In one I cut one folded sheet into heart shape to give a frame look just added 4*6 size one picture decorated it. 
It look like a book where you can see picture outside and inside like s never ending message card.

On opposite side too I used photographs this time 4 passport size photo . I again folded one sheet . It give look of envelop and make 4 cuts for photographs . Taken a sheet of same size and put inside that envelope card  and mark so I can paste picture at exact place.

Waterfall Card
I have taken three passport size photos and paste on black sheet shaped extra 1/2 cm extra .  I have used landscape size. then take a long strip 4-5 cm long . place the first photo card and mark it on card then mark 2 cm and 2cm for third one. fold it like shown in picture. now paste first photo then apply glue on 2cm then photo and then 2 cm photo. fold the strip as shown in picture.

Envelope card
Cut 4 same size circle two of same colour two of different colour then fold them half ,arrange them and  then paste half folded portion on each other like shown in picture

Heart swing Card

Take a sheet as shown in picture

Fold it as shown in picture

Cut heart shape and cut in half .paste it on folded white portion.

Then take a long strip draw heart and cut the shape but escape the side do it remain attached.

Shutter card
Take a card fold it . cut two square sheet of 6 cm each and leave 1cm fold  it both the square. then cut in shape shown in the image. paste the red cut shape sheet from the folded side of black sheet where card close and open . paste 1photo inside and take a new different sheet of 12 cm long and 5.5cm width . from top and from bottom fold it inside 1 cm and draw a circle with 3cm radius as shown in picture.

Making a box
making a chocolate box

Taking 33 cm square box. taking each 11 cm box. make it as shown in picture,paste the photographs.

Box decoration outer border
Take a long strip , fold it and make it half circle and cut it when you open it . it give a look of a heart and you can paste it outside the box. remaining heart you can paste on another side  and then strip.

Making heart for decoration
Take a 10 cm long sheet and cut in a circle, fold it . make it like shown in picture

 Here is what you got check out explosive box

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Now our next blog train station is of Ms.Papri Ganguly  from  . Further I would like to introduce my talented and stylish blogger Ms.Papri Ganguly , who’s stylish tips and tricks would be more helpful.

Lets see what she has for all of you on Valentine day to make it more special for you .

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  1. Wow wonderful way of expressing feeling. Buy expensive gift won’t show the true love & feelings for the loved one. Gifting something handmade express the true love, feeling & true emotion for that person. Thanks for give a brief details how u made it. Keep it up

  2. Whatttta detailed demo…I have to applaud your efforts making on taking pictures in the middle of such an intensive activity…I think that takes more effort to break your rhythm and click . Awesome job done

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