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What Not To Do If You’re A Newbie Parent

Being a parent whether it’s the first or third can be hard. There’s no manual for it and often, parents get overwhelmed and feel they are either doing too much or not doing enough. This article will, therefore run through some common mistake new parents make in their child’s first year.

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This way, you can be one step ahead and know what’s best for your little one to get the optimal start to life. Even though there is a lot of advice out there, knowing what to listen to can be tricky.

Ultimately, when a little one walks into your life and friends and family start looking for baby gifts online, the adventure begins. If you want to get a head start and avoid the common mistakes parents find themselves making, keep reading.


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Ignoring Cries

When your baby cries in the middle of the night, it’s a good idea to go in and see what the baby might need or want. Even though parents argue this may make the little one dependent, psychologists have shown that it may result in anxiety in later life. Instead, why not wait for a few minutes to see if they can lull themselves back to sleep rather than jumping straight in.

Allowing People To Kiss Your Little One

Whilst little babies are still developing their immune system, it’s a good idea to keep them as protected as possible. Even though friends and family may have the best intentions, giving a kiss can spread germs and potentially pass something on. For at least three to four months, try and keep your baby as protected as possible so they can build up their strength.

Waiting For A Fever To Sort Itself

Older kids may be able to get over a fever on their own however newborns need medical attention. Failure to do so can cause other issues to arise as their immune system is still not fully developed. This way, you can give them everything they need and ensure they have the best line of defense to get them back to health.

Not Changing  The Diaper Quickly Enough

The longer you leave a diaper, the more chance the baby has of developing a diaper rash. These can be highly painful and irritating for your little one so it’s best to get into a good routine.

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In an ideal situation, you will want to do a change every 2-3 hours to keep things fresh and also avoid disturbing their sleeping patterns. It’s worth it and you can get deals online if you are worried about the expensiveness.

Overall, there are many things parents can worry about. Avoiding the above common parenting mistakes, however, can give your child a great start and ensure you are condiment in your child’s first year.

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37 thoughts on “What Not To Do If You’re A Newbie Parent

  1. Hey there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to
    give a quick shout out and say I really enjoy reading your blog posts.
    Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums
    that go over the same subjects? Thanks a ton!

  2. Woah when I was kid everyone used to kiss me a lot and I have huge immune system problem. I will think before I kiss a newborn for sure. This was really shocking to know

  3. oh yes these are some good advice cause I remember my neighbor has a baby and she continuously kept on crying. Then it turned out that she used to be uncomfortable because of the overflooded diaper and all this while parents kept on thinking that it needs to be changed only after 6 hrs.

  4. These are indeed valid points of what ‘NOT TO DO’ as a new parent. Prolonged wearing of the same diaper can leave many rashes in the super soft skin of babies which may cause an infection.

  5. In our families it is really difficult to ask some one not to kiss the new born especially in India. But your post may open eyes of some of us. YEs as a Parent its our right to think what best for our baby.

  6. informative post . The newbie parents should be careful about all the mentioned pointers since no one educate about them and most of the time they are at a lost to know as to why the child is crying or think what bad could happen if they let people kiss the newborn.

  7. Being a first time parent is hard be it a mommy or a daddy. But we learn while we try to stay sane during parenting. Your tips are very useful and I can totally relate.

  8. As parents one has to be careful about everything related to kids. You can’t ignore any symptoms or let anything bad happen to your child. Valid points.

  9. These are some great tips for new parents. Especially the changing the diapers at the right times. I’ve seen parents not changing them for hours together if they aren’t wet.

  10. Thanks for sharing these useful tips. I absolutely agree with you that one mustn’t ignore a child’s cries, especially at night!

  11. Forgetting to burp the baby, not changing diapers in time and ignoring colds are the three things that bring a lot of parents to me in my clinic .Nice post Gurjeet – I think you should write a part two also.

  12. Very important pointers. They look very obvious but are truly important. New parents are already overwhelmed with the information that comes on their way. If they know these things before hand then it might help them in preparing themselves.

  13. This is some important tips which should be taken care when becoming a mother. I still remember how my father keeps my baby away in a smart way that no one can kiss her.

  14. Thabx for this post..when my baby was born; everybody would kiss him…I did not know how to avoid it..but now I know that we need to set rules for everyone when it comes to infant care

  15. Its true even Parents should use a separate blanket for the baby and obviously fever needs instant doctor check up. Thanks for all the tips, its going to help all the mums.

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