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Wonder World of Flintobox!!


We know that engaging children in their spare time is big task.  Most of parents introduce their kids to the digital world because children find it fancy to play with and goes more inclined to explore it as it do not involve any kind of physical activity. But we as parents skips to realize the bad effects of this fancy and it comes in front of all of us in a very short span of time too.
When children say we are bored, a new topic emerges in our mind that what we would suggest them to engage our kids in a very fruitful way.

I personally love to do craft & creative work but I hardly gets the time to do so. But I feels from my heart that it would be nice if my kids too can develop their interest in any such activity that will help them to explore the world of their own creativity. I too as mother hate when my daughter go crazy about watching that stupid Doremon and all.  Moreover sometimes I feel like that Doremon and shin-chan too are the part of my family. I simply do not want my kid to turn into that naughty minions that do not study and does not let other study either.

I find Flintobox as my savior here.

The theme of Flintobox for June for my 7 year girl was space and it included 4 activities that allowed my daughter to Explore, Create, Play and Read.

Activities in FlintoBox

1- Our Solar System- It is a solar system puzzles which my daughter is very good at. She was so surprise to know about all planets detail and how they look like. Now she keep on asking question from that puzzle that has “Did you know?” Quiz. We have a jolly time travelling through solar system.

           Our Solar System

2- Race To The Moon – Exciting game , assemble the puzzle then make a plan and strategies race to land on our natural satellite Moon. Who lands first wins . Three players can play at a time.

                      Race to The Moon

3-Mission Moon– Sensorial activity for your child to create a moonscape with rocket, astronaut, and stars!

              Mission Moon

4- Star Patterns–  Gazing at star look so fascinating but when child come to know how star pattern are form and which are they called. they are more excited to find the star pattern in night sky

5- Reading book– Got flinto story book caught my kid attendance main and she took up and read all the story at once. her best friend is Flinto now.

 Development Area 

 Motor skills
. Hold and play the Race to Moon
. Decorate the mission Moon scene by sprinkling moon mud and stardust
. Put the puzzle pieces together with ease
. Pierce to create star patterns

Creativity & imagination
. Making the mission moon scene- decorating it which mood dust,star
. Solving puzzles of games
. Imagination how the Moon ,space,planets and Solar system look like.
. Landing on moon , how Astronaut manage in space

Social skills 
. Play the sequencing game with their friends
. Talk about the Solar system. star patterns, planets, space

Logical Reasoning 
. Solving the simple puzzle about the solar system
. Try to win game with quick planning and strategies

Cognitive & concepts
. Knowing about solar system
. Who are Astronauts? Astronauts wear special suit when in space
. knowing about planets. Earth is not only planet and we have another planets with their features
. Star patterns ? Each constellation consist of a group of stars
. The moon revolves around The Earth

This is my fourth Flintobox . Every time it has different concept which are very interesting,unique and captivating and enhance knowledge.
My first box was light and shadow and second sports and third little musicians and fourth is Space. My daughter is crazy for Flintobox, whenever she get Flintobox she does not waste a minute and start doing the given activity.

You can also get this knowledgeable box at home from here https://flintobox.com/ and make learning a fun.

26 thoughts on “Wonder World of Flintobox!!

  1. Your post is timely as I have been racking my brains trying to get some activities for my 6 year old which would be fun at the same time educational.

  2. I really like flintobox for the prime reason that it comes with well-curated activities for kids. It is a saviour for working moms like me

  3. This activity box look really awesome with so many engaging activities for kids. I am sure even adults will love doing these.aling.with kids

  4. We have tried one subscription box so far here. Since my daughter is facinated about solar system, she enjoyed the activity. I wish we had such subscription boxes while growing up:-)

  5. Hearing a lot of good reviews about flinto box these days. Just love the concept behind the box. Really good and engaging

  6. It’s good to see subscription boxes for kids. It’s a great way to treat them and to keep them occupied in a positive manner.

  7. This box does sound fun. Although I would love to buy one for my daughter, I will have to wait a few years till she starts understanding stuff.

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